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  1. i would love a cd that is either b-sides, remixes, acoustics, or studio versions of some of their live intros and outros. the last 2 lpu cds have been awesome, hopefully this one continues the trend.
  2. My least favorite album by them by far. I liked how they were trying to be more electronic than the last album, but I honestly just don't like many of the songs on this album. Iridescent, When They Come for Me, Burning In the Skies, The Catalyst, and The Messenger all really just don't do it for me. Iridescent, and When They Come For Me IMO are the worst Linkin Park songs ever. When the band described the album before it came out as being more electronic and having more rap in it, I thought it would be something like Reanimation where they had powerful overly distorted guitars, and really
  3. i didn't go to any of the concerts so i don't really have a place to judge any of the shows, but i'm really not into the current setlists they have going. i think numb and in the end could be swapped, given up and no more sorrow could be swapped, what i've done should just be dropped in favor of new divide, wretches and kings can be swapped with when they come for me. then burning in the skies, blackout, and robot boy could be played all the time. then they should also rotate in pieces, leave out all the rest, and valentines day. then they can add with you, figure .09, p5hing me away, and
  4. i did with you, figure.09 and P5hng Me A*wy
  5. agreed, PR is pretty much the best thing ever and the concert that i look forward to most in the summer
  6. well, i'm really not a fan of the original song in general, but i think when comparing the two "versions" i like this one better.
  7. matassi

    "Set B13"

    they dropped the wrong ATS song, they need wretches and kings in there and when they come for me out
  8. i agree, the dsp mixes imo are really not that great. where's the guitar?
  9. does anyone else think that there may be a slim chance that they could possibly play valentines day sometime on this tour? i know they most likely wont but it would be an awesome surprise. also i think in pieces returning would be awesome, they should definitely play that instead of shadow of the day or numb
  10. i agree with you guys for the most part, numb, in the end, and shadow of the day need to be dropped. if they did crawling with the reanimation intro still i think it would be better. no more sorrow i think is only good as a show opener (i like the intro better than the song itself).
  11. i wish i could watch the video. why is it set to private?
  12. Open Main: With You (With one of Joe's sweet intros)/Don't Stay (2004 Opening) Close Main: Bleed It Out/Faint Encore Open: New Divide/Faint Encore Close: One Step Closer/ A Place For My Head
  13. Linkin Park Smashing Pumpkins Limp Bizkit Motion City Soundtrack Tegan and Sara Manchester Orchestra Jack's Mannequin Metric State Radio Terrible Things
  14. I like the new setlist (OSC or Faint or APFMY should always close the show). The only thing that I don't like is that they are playing Numb instead of Breaking the Habit. If that song was inserted then this setlist would be one of the best.