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  1. I really want them to play A Place For My Head! Also Breaking The Habit I think wasn't played in Tucson and I want it too xD the rest of the set played in Tucson is Ok.
  2. Oh, I wanted to watch that one I know Rock In Rio will be streamed but I won't need it since I'm going to the show :3 and by the way thank you for the fast reply B )
  3. Anyone knows if the Tucson show will have an online stream? If yes, where and at what time?
  4. Nice one And I'll be in Rock in Rio friday 30th I can't fuckin' wait
  5. I think it must be official now, even though they don't have the date on their website, because in rock in rio's official facebook page they already announced it and also on the portuguese website of RiR. Well, if this is true, I'm going to the show!!! I missed their last one here in Portugal and I've never attended a LP show so this time I must go!!!!!! otherwise I kill myself xD
  6. So no Forgotten? It's one of my favorite songs but it has that nostalgic feeling of the old days also By Myself I would like to see live again xD Lost in the Echo, Castle of Glass, In My remains and Victimized must be played or I kill myself!!! Ups! sorry guys mistake here Forgotten it's NOT one of my favorite songs but... (read what is above xD)
  7. True fact man! Live is much better! The sound of a live concert can't be compared to records, also the DSP's quality decreased, in my opinion. I think the ones from 2009 and maybe before were a bit superior.
  8. Wow man you're mad out there!But... I agree in some points but not all Crawling and.... maybe New Divide yeah they aren't the same now and I think they should take that 2 away maybe but what I really wanted was that Chester could bring back that magical voice from 2009 and earlier because since ATS his voice fucked up Have to agree with you and yeah he did it in Warsaw but a shortened one. I just think he could do it at every show. I think Chester got worse at singing but not at screaming, I love his screams. If we compare, for example, APFMH live in 2000 and live in 2012 I prefer the 2012 screams but I prefer the 2000 singing. Well it's hard to make a perfect setlist now because they have many good songs to play so they'll drop some for sure let's see if ''With You'' stays or not
  9. No it isn't! But have you heard how Chester sings now With You? It's ok but not the same as before and in addition he doesn't make anymore that EPIC scream so this song lost some of its excitement, at least in my opinion. If he could sing it perfectly like before or do the scream I wouldn't want them to remove it from the setlist but let's see what they decide. Sin? I guess it's just my opinion
  10. I know I love that songs but to me From The Inside is not the same anymore live like another guy said and I think Blackout will be dropped for sure But if Chester could bring again the ''old From the Inside'' of course I didn't want them to do that I would prefer to see With You away or even Runaway. I know many of you love With You cause it's one of their older stuff but since Chester doesn't scream anymore the ''Come On!'' I wouldn't mind if they replace it with any other song. New Divide I guess won't be dropped and if there are songs that I'm almost sure they won't drop that songs are Burn It Down and LGM. I hope they make different setlists 'cause now they have many songs, maybe 3 setlist would be cool and they should rotate more their songs but anything they'll do I'm sure that earlier or later I'll like it xD
  11. I hope they play Lost In The Echo and Castle Of Glass which are my 2 favorite songs from LT The setlist would be cool like this: 01. Tinfoil 02. Lost In The Echo 03. Papercut 04. With You 05. Runaway 06. Given Up 07. New Divide 08. Lies Greed Misery 09. Points Of Authority 10. Waiting For The End (+UIB rap part) 11. Breaking The Habit 12. Medley 13. The Catalyst 14. What I've Done 15. Crawling 16. Faint 17. One Step Closer ----------------------------------------- 18. Castle Of Glass 19. Burn It Down 20. In The End 21. Numb 22. A Place For My Head 23. Bleed It Out (+ Sabotage or any other cool shit xD) I know they've been playing 22 songs but I guess they won't die if they play one more If they did Something like this set it would be amazing to me of course are missing From The Inside and Blackout, 2 of my favorite songs but we can't have them all so....
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