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  1. Well, Metallica was at Glastonbury, so, why not? I really hope they come to México this time, I've been predicting this for so long, early 2015 has to be the time!
  2. Well, whenever and wherever it is, see you there buddy haha
  3. Hi guys, I kinda never been writing in these forums, but remembered I have an account haha, I'm from México and I want to give my point of view about this... It's almost the same LIИKIИ JŽЁ said, but I think it's not a translation mistake, it's more, either an interpretation mistake or, a case of SENSATIONALISM from the local media... As I said in the fb page: Last year was the same with ACAPULCO, a lot of local media said that a show was confirmed, but nothing happened... And YES, I also think that it's very obvious that Jesús Almaguer Salazar -director of the Convention and Visitors Bureau (from the state of Quintana Roo, I guess)- (the man who made the original declarations) mention LP and the other ones just to put an example of the kind of artists that normally play in a World Stage... in my point of view he was referring to that... So, my prediction is that all this will stay as just a rumor... but also I'm pretty sure the band will come to the country very soon! Sorry for the mistakes I may have made, saludos!
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