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  1. Oh god, it just hurts so deeply, I cannot take.
  2. What a show!!! Chester is really doing great at the performance, and about OML songs: God, what is talking to myself?
  3. Soldier, its not about the official release date, I really like to have the full experience of listening the whole album at once.
  4. Gonna tell you guys... I didn't listened ANY of OML songs cause I've promised myself that I would wait until the full album or the show, but the album have not leaked until now, so... I think it will be a great experience to first listen the songs live! Here we go, Maximus!!
  5. A guy sent me that: SET A Wastelands (Ext long intro) Given up (Ext outro) With You Lying From You (w/All For Nothing Intro) Good Goodbye (Ext verse) Lost In The Echo Battle Symphony Waiting For The End (Wall of noise outro) Powerless/Iridescent/LOATR (Piano) One More Light Heavy Burn It Down The Catalyst (Short) Final Masquerade Numb Faint (w/ WTOFM intro) New Divide In The End What I've Done *Bleed It Out (Ext intro w/Talking To Myself bridge)
  6. Blink is one of the bands I most hate ever, damn.
  7. This is the hype Im most diggin in, really hope this happen on the Album. Something almost like Earth to Bella part 1 and 2 of the band Incubus (in the album Light Grenades)
  8. I was thinking the same thing. Mike said on email that maybe we can discover the name of one or more songs, but I dont believe that they will send in a next monthly update '' Hi guys! So, these are some of the new names:'' We all already know the hype games of these guys, so I agree with you
  9. This ''can we go back '' and ''can we go back 2/the future'' sounds interesting...
  10. Joe just posted this pic a few minutes ago on Instagram and erased it (maybe because of the board with some song names? although the names are pratically unreadable) The subtitles said: ''Ladies and gentleman, @Thebonfires #newrecord''
  11. IDK, It would make more sense beeing an LP7 Demo or something like this, oh god, the train is coming! Hope we get a bunch of new infos this time, I have a feeling that all the updates and infos that they tell us on interviews are delayed in one or two months
  12. ''Microphone shootout: which mic will Chester sound best on? #LinkinPark2016''' Source: Mike's Instagram
  13. I live in brazil, maybe will listen the songs tomorrow :/
  14. the fans played day, right? this pic is from the show that is ocurring now
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