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  1. i think its WTFE and next single
  2. volunteering for Music for Relief table at this show
  3. Not in a certain order The Requim When They Come For Me Waiting For The End Blackout Wretches And Kings Iridescent The Catalyst One Step Closer Points of Authority in The End Pushing Me Away Lying From You Faint Numb Breaking The Habit Bleed It Out What I've Done New Divide
  4. i have feeling that Phoenix will be singing on this live
  5. franmansr

    DSP Update

    Which show do you guys say will be the best to grab?
  6. i think he means mike's own instrumental, not another songs parts as instrumental
  7. just curious if there's just the audio for this show, i saw the video download, i just want audio. mp3 if possible? thnx in advance for whoever does this, ill probably thank u again after u do it haha
  8. i would hope that KROQ books them for AAC
  9. no chester looked back before that happened, so the only logic was that he thought rob was a women haha it was definately after lookin at his wife haha
  10. its not the whole intro just the lil bit cut off in the beginnin, but still ur right it is good quality
  11. thnx well main reason y i posted it here is because its hard to find a good video of it online, so its posted so everyone can hear how it sounds in better quality
  12. im just going to post it here, the studio version of the Points of Authority intro, w/ the rest of the song, excluding outro, i did the drum parts w/ a hip hop kit from garage band and i used the loop in the beginnin of POA because its just sounded weird having it randomly come in when the guitar strikes. hope you enjoy edit: i also uploaded it to rapidshare http://rapidshare.de/files/47932569/poaintro09d.mp3.html poaintro09d.mp3
  13. btw wut time is the show at in PT? (Pacific Time)
  14. but think before both of those tours they just came off of recording many songs for an album, so chester has been workin his throat a lot before both of those, not as much before this tour
  15. u gonna record it? i still wanna hear the full POA intro
  16. there's no full POA intro though, unless it's in one of the other vids
  17. its when the bridge with all the instruments usually comes in, the second time they sing "I put my trust...." its just drums and the crowd singing
  18. if anyone can find the intro to Points ill try and make a studio version of it
  19. awsome shit, cant wait to hear the intro
  20. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D5PkThXmb2s...re=channel_page Numb
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