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  1. the music video is like a blend of LP's "New Divide" with Radiohead's "House Of Cards". definitely my favorite of this new era in Joe Hahn's music video directing career/style - basically my fave between "New Divide", "The Catalyst" and "Waiting For The End".
  2. don't know if it was ever mentioned, but Brad played a small drum kit on "The Catalyst". just a little something to add to the show page. also, just briefly skimming some of the after-show replies, when are fans finally going to get over them NOT playing certain songs from the first 2 albums? is Linkin Park supposed to play the same songs for the rest of their careers? i think playing "One Step Closer" and "In The End" were probably the most appropriate for the show and i don't see them adding anymore from Hybrid Theory to their future setlists, with the exception of "Crawling". i hope that if they do go the 3 rotating setlist route again while touring A Thousand Suns that the songs that get rotated in and out of the setlists are the older songs as opposed to the new songs. i didn't like how the songs that changed from concert to concert during the MTM tours were the songs from MTM. when Radiohead toured In Rainbows, they played all 10 songs off the album, plus 1 or 2 from the bonus disc, and changed the setlists from each night by rotating in and out older songs. that's how a band should tour a new album IMO.
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