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  1. No I have the crappy flip phone version where it is basically bassed out, I was hoping out of the thousands of people there somebody had something better like an Alice in chains fan that was a crazy as us with shows. Crazy fun fact that festival was taped and recorded for everybody but Alice in chains cause I believe that was their first or one of their first shows live from when Layne passed.
  2. Lol yeah, how you been it's been years!!! I still think for me if it ever was true I remember back when we were trading some guy i knew claimed he knew a guy who taped xero back in 97. Claimed he was trying to get the vhs from him but never could. That if true would be the holy grail, or if some show when they were actually called hybrid theory ever came out. I'm still waiting for Chester doing man in the box from kroq inland invasion to show up, lol. Also it seems like I have 2 accounts idk how the heck that happened, lol
  3. I believe so don't quote me on that though its been years since I listened to the old stuff. I'm still going threw my shit off of other HDs and CD/DVDs and putting them on one central drive. Luckily I had those handy. I'm just annoyed some stuff is corrupted some stuff missing and I have one 2 sourced DVD show that I never labeled so its confusing as hell.
  4. Here you go, this is everything you asked for minus Washington cause I can't seem to find it but I have uploaded St Paul, Worcester and Sunrise that weren't on the list. https://mega.co.nz/#!zo0GlTqA!b_uZe9gL1If8BVsZ0oAOayNfXxxOZTOGKg6oZKUBZP8
  5. Fair enough andone lol, and hey long time nick But I do want to test a theory for shits and giggles you said anybody could find stuff on youtube, I pick a random show that show being Ventura 2014 Warped Tour show I'd like to see how many different "sources" can be found on youtube of that show, and see if all of us get the same number or ballparked. PS: And no this wasn't a vindictive post or directed at anybody just want to see if it be about the same. Just incase people ask about what are stipulations I don't mean some random chic threw up a 1-2 song snippet or a 1-2 song recording
  6. I think you traders are getting a lil anal retentive lol I remember back in the day you were just happy to get stuff.
  7. Odd question how is YouTube not legit for source when well even the Toronto iem show and most other shows are on there. .... does that make them any less credible or legit?
  8. one source https://mega.co.nz/#!S1cXECoY!pJazQQ7aPBM5KQ1cMWMoJKQEyyWmW-ByOmb9ejdp9xk second source https://mega.co.nz/#!H5kFiCTK!IboR9_mMpZeRu3USl77gnHzQ-dyZOnh1p45U9SeQ7o0
  9. I showed the screenshot it's mp3 as for the type of camera I have no idea. There is no watermark cause this is the first show he ever taped and well wasn't obviously put out for public viewing. I only speculate the whole 06 show exists cause like I said he asked for money for the show then teased with a song as well to the fact he never admitted to the 05 recording and my past with him showed me he doesn't always tell the truth and is A shady dude.
  10. I mean it is possible that you could be right just saying he kept hounding us for money to release his 2006 BOW show, then released the Fort Minor and Anything Anything song to "proove to us" he actually did attend and record. Maybe he was full of shit and hoped an idiot just gave him money or maybe he did.
  11. honestly I think he recorded the whole show and never released it for 06.
  12. http://imgur.com/YRBtioO,MO1gdsH#0 If he shot it with a camera then this is probably the best there is cause he was taking pics as well and back in 2005 SD cards didn't carry a lot of memory, I mean external memory back then was pretty much 512MB or 1-2GB. But if he had a cam then there probably is the thing is I honestly don't know. I do however remember him saying that he had a better setup for the 06 show. He was the guy I told you about via PM that said he taped 2006 but asked for money and when we didn't pay him he released Fort Minor via torrent but said he wasn't going to release th
  13. I have the video with the same songs and the same time as the audio source you provided. I got that video from Phospho as well as pictures. http://imgur.com/iJC4je9,FKUoHcb#1 http://imgur.com/YRBtioO,MO1gdsH#0
  14. I was just looking at your liveguide on both the 2005 and 2006 BOW shows and you guys have it all botched up. 1st off the lprocks source is 2005 not 2006, 2nd off phospho recorded 2005 AND 2006. That Source 1: Audio - AUD (Unknown) is actually a video source and is phospho. I thought I had it in DVD format but my dumbass copied the stalkers shit twice. His version is only in 320x240 resolution. Now it all makes sence cause you guys were confusing the shit out of me with these years and sources. If you also feel like correcting the earpiece lossless is wav format.