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  1. Don Broco is amazing. I’m seeing them for the 3rd time live in October. I wasn’t a fan of Mike’s solo album but I’m curious what his setlist will look like. I’d 100% go see Mike if he came to Seattle even if I wasn’t a fan of the solo album. APFMH would be sick to see, I hope that collab goes done again. Great write up! Thank you for all the hard work you still do. (Also, is they a way to change my name back to my new name Bliss? Not sure why my name reverted back to my original name)
  2. Ive seen Don Broco twice. love them! Anyone who is going to show should make sure to catch their set! Also check out their song "Pretty". It's a banger!
  3. No Seattle and unable to fly to a show. Closest drive is 13 hours which is not fun. Sadly I will not be going. I hope whoever goes enjoys themselves
  4. You have to realize that 1. The crowd was singing along to the parts they actually knew but you could barely hear them because the crowd is not mic'd up. 2. Festival crowds usually aren't very hype. They are often their for 1-3 specific artists and people don't get hyped until their act comes on. 3. Mike Shinoda is a rapper and he played at a rock festival. Sure he was a part of a rock band, but I doubt most Panic at the Disco and Blink-182 fans are there to see Mike Shinoda perform,
  5. If no more are officially announced, there will definitely be surprise guests at the show I really hope they record this for a CD/DVD like LIT and RTR!
  6. My guess is we will see some unexpected guests as well as the expected guests. Jared Leto will for sure be there. I know they are on tour with Muse but that those tour dates were very, very spread out and by previous posts in this thread it sounds like he is free. I was going to say Tyler Carter of Issues but it looks like they have a show that night.
  7. Thank you all Someone on LPA also added ALITS. That would be a fun to play
  8. Hello everyone, I know this is a weird idea for a thread but I need your help. My friends and I are huge Rock Band players and also huge Linkin Park fans. Recently, I found out Rebellion got added as DLC. Harmonix has request forms where if enough people request a song they will consider it for DLC. So I was wondering if you guys would help me in filling out this form for Final Masquerade and Mark the Graves while you are at it http://www.harmonixmusic.com/games/rock-band/request/ Thank you for your help! I feel like some of LP's newer songs need representation Edit: In Case you are wondering here are the songs/DLC they have in Rock Band for Linkin Park already: One Step Closer (Rock Band 2) In the End Crawling Somewhere I Belong Lying From You Breaking The Habit Numb What I've Done Shadow of the Day New Divide Waiting For the End Burn It Down Rebellion
  9. Good advice. I did this yesterday before I posted my post about Issues. I realize the post is a long one to read through it all so I understand both sides.
  10. Hello LPL, I haven't been on here in a couple weeks but I have been actively following your social media accounts since the tragedy. I wanted to share a post from the band Issues. Issues sites Linkin Park as one of their major influences on their style of music and music in general. The lead singer's favorite band is Linkin Park and he, Tyler Carter, even played with Linkin Park on one of the songs they played at their Warped Tour surprise performance a couple years ago. It would really mean a lot to me if you included this in the memorial page. Thank you for all the hard work you guys have done over the years and continue to do, especially everything you have done since Thursday. https://www.facebook.com/issues/posts/1464185006980573
  11. Still so sad what happened. I'm a huge Ariana Grande fan and it amazes me how someone could be so heartless to target a show that's fan base is full of teenage girls. No one deserves to die like that. Spread love, not hate. Hope everyone who goes to this Linkin Park show stays safe and has fun!
  12. Question, when it comes to the US tour they are only having one opening act for most shows. Could this mean longer sets in the US as well or longer sets for the opening act?
  13. I've been to the venue before, it will work just fine. Not many people know who Grey Daze are and I doubt many people will travel to the show that's not in Arizona. EDIT: It will be recorded according to Grey Daze on Facebook
  14. Sad to hear for all the Manchester fans I hope they can get it figured out! Blink-182 is also playing the arena so if they teamed up to do a #BlinkinPark show that would be really cool!
  15. No album should ever be played in full unless it's a 10 year anniversary tour in my opinion. I can understand this As someone who has only seen them once before and will be seeing them for the second time, I have to disagree. I'd rather them play a good mix of all the albums.
  16. My rationale as well. But instead of getting rid of SIB for FTI, get rid of Wastelands
  17. You think so? How likely is Sorry For Now on the US tour do you think? I feel like that song might be hard for Mike live
  18. FINAL RANKING 1. One More Light 2. Nobody Can Save Me 3. Talking To Myself 4. Sorry For Now 5. Invisible 6. Sharp Edges 7. Battle Symphony 8. Heavy (feat. Kiiara) 9. Good Goodbye (feat. Pusha T & Stormzy) 10. Halfway Right MY RANKING 1. Sorry For Now 2. One More Light 3. Nobody Can Save Me 4. Halfway Right 5. Sharp Edges 6. Talking to Myself 7. Good Goodbye 8. Battle Symphony 9. Invisible 10. Heavy
  19. All these OML songs and they aren't even playing the best song, It's a shame
  20. Dude, I promise Papercut was not there when I looked at it. Don't call me a liar. Maybe it changed as I was posting in this thread. I also checked the setlist on Setlist.fm and it didn't have Papercut when I looked at it. Note I looked at the setlist before I found the paper setlist. And yes, it's been over an hour since I looked at the setlist because I went to go eat and that took 45 minutes itself.
  21. Guys, the LPL setlist didn't have Papercut in the setlist. CHILL. I was assuming it was a last minute drop or something when I finally found the picture because LPL didn't have it in the setlist. Usually you guys are 100% on top of things. 1. No, it's the same song split into two different parts of the setlist. If it's an intro to OML, play it right before OML. That simple. 2. This was on the assumption they only played 7 HT/M songs which is what LPL's setlist said. 3. That doesn't mean they should do it. The other lead singles actually fit in the encore, Heavy does not. 4. I'm not worried about North America tour overall, I'm worried about my specific show. I have yet to Somewhere I Belong and Breaking the Habit. If I don't see either, I'm going to be very sad. I know people complain about the lack of rotating setlists here but rotating setlists are trash when it affects you directly. I saw the Red Hot Chili Peppers and didn't get to see Dani California (probably my favorite song by them) because it was one of few spots in the setlist they rotated songs. When I found out Portland got it the next night, I was a little irritated. And yes I realize a band doesn't have to do anything for me. 5. 10 songs from one album in a setlist? A whole album in the setlist? I don't need to watch another Bring Me the Horizon. Seen that twice, never again. When a band has a lot of material diversity is key. I could give a lot of examples of artists I have seen live only play 3-4 songs from the album they are promoting. They key thing in common? All these artists have a lot of albums. I think the Carnivores set did it right. They had a fantastic mix of all the albums and didn't overload on one album which helped make the show incredible. To the all caps: read above. LPL didn't have Papercut in the setlist.
  22. The Requiem is a different song that The Catalyst I think it's fair to assume they could drop SIB for the US tour based on the fact that they just dropped it here. OML acapella is basically OML lite, play one or the other not both Edit: Most of my complaints would go away if they actually played Papercut
  23. So I just saw the setlist and I have a lot of complaunts. It looks like they played One More Light TWICE, that is unacceptable. Also if I remember right Mike said they wouldn't replace the old songs with songs from the new album. That determined to a lie. How could they drop Somewhere I Belong?!?!?!?!?!?!? Heavy in the encore is a joke. If they don't play SIB on the North American tour, I'm going to be so sad. If they play the same song twice I'm going to lose it. That is NEVER acceptable, why waste space in the setlist? 7 songs from OML is a joke too. Just keep it at 6 and rotate OML songs.
  24. I remember you guys used to edit the OPs with the setlists, would that be possible to start doing again? Its easier to find it then go to the live guide.
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