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  1. Chose Session because it's awesome. I think Reanimation's Opening into the traditional Points of Authority would be cool.
  2. Krwlng Don't really care which track wins out of these three tbh.
  3. Okay, I'm changing to Ntr/Mssion. Gorgeous as it is, it doesn't have the guitarist from my favourite band on it.
  4. X-Ecutioner Style Let the record show that I love Ntr/Mssion as much as I love Opening.
  5. Really good show, lots of energy from the band and the setlist worked really well even with the shortened songs. Of Mice & Men were great in support, got the standing room fired up.
  6. And even that's not really a regular show as you had to win tickets.
  7. Enth E Nd Seriously, how anybody could like it more than something as beautiful as Opening astounds me. Just because it's short don't make it bad, y'all.
  8. In terms of Europe, thought I'd add that LP are rumoured for Reading & Leeds in August. (Along with Mumford & Sons and the Libertines, ugh)
  9. Enth E Nd It needs to be [stef], it's technically featuring Stef Carpenter from Deftones. It needs to win.
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