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  1. Truth be told, I think some might fail to realize that Hahninator has every right to his opinion on this, or any track for that matter, regardless of his status on this website. As a matter of fact, were his position on this website, or any, to influence his opinion of any music produced by the acts these sites are based upon, then said opinions wouldn't even be worth considering. And on that note, I actually tend towards his opinion on this song. I might not go as far as to call it garbage (though, if I do eventually form that opinion, I have no reservations in expressing it), but I don't see this song bringing anything to the table but a rehash of work that has been done to death... To death. Let's be at least a little objective here. Instrumentally (is this even the right word to use considering probably every last sound was electronically created?), there is nothing new, interesting or exciting, and I could go on. And why do we still make it a point to discuss "the drop"? Correct me if I'm wrong, but there are only so many ways that you can "drop" the beat in a generic EDM song. If any one song can restore "the drop" to an art form (if it ever was), it certainly isn't this. It doesn't even make sense to address the vocals; lyrically or sonically. I'll go out on a limb and say this song took near ZERO effort, and it shows. Maybe that's the whole point though. Maybe it does what it was intended to do. I'm sure it will catch the ears of the inattentive mainstream for a few minutes. But is that enough to give it credit where it isn't due? Not for me.
  2. Great job, guys. From the little I've seen so far, it's beautiful. I think the Hybrid theme should definitely be the default. I'd also suggest adding a white/light text against a black/dark background theme though - probably a "Hybrid (dark)". Congrats.
  3. I like to think that I'm just not very BS-tolerant. Hey, you have your moments too. It's not weird that I know that at all. What? I lurk.
  4. Not to recant anything I said but to clarify, there's obviously nothing wrong with having such a policy. But we all know this issue isn't about a policy at all.
  5. This little episode just highlights a part of the reason I don't have an account on LPA. There's amicable inter-fansite competition and then there's this. Maybe if a particular admin over there could categorically exclude himself from the tribal idiocy (not to say that we don't have our tribal idiots here too), it wouldn't be as bad. But while Hahninator will take the high road as Derek posts indirect jabs like, "Instead of LPA playing the "is it real or is it fake" rumor game...we will only post the tracklist when it can be verified via official sources. We are not going to make a news post for every fake tracklist. Meaning that when you finally see a tracklist on here and posted? It's going to be THE tracklist.", I'll speak up as a lurker: Policy my ass. I'm not trying to perpetuate a squabble. I just felt the need to voice that opinion.
  6. Any musical decision made that, rather than being from genuine artistic inspiration, is made in the interest of anything else, be it commercial, maintaining "relevance" or otherwise is actually tantamount to selling out. Linkin Park has obviously done this to varying extents. And they have admitted to it, on occasion, in not as many words. It's no coincidence that as Jani pointed out, their albums usually have elements of what is currently popular in the mainstream. But what's necessarily wrong with that if they can take it, put their own spin on it, and end up with a great product?
  7. I really feel this, and this isn't even the kind of music I'm generally into. Edit: Right now, I even prefer this to Living Things.
  8. I think this question might better be considered as "WOULD" they continue and "SHOULD" they continue as Linkin Park. In terms of whether they "would" continue with the name LP, I think what would apply to most other bands wouldn't apply here. I can only see Mike staying or leaving as determining whether they would keep the name. Not even Chester. Mike is the core of the actual foundation of LP, being a founder as well as (as others have said) the one who quite apparently "holds" everything in order for the most part. He's the main speaker/voice of LP both during and between album cycles. He seems to be the one who has to bear the most stress. One could argue that LP is actually a reflection of Mike's personality/interests at any given point in time, significantly more than any of the other band members. And this is as much as they may say that they "all" decide that LP should go in any particular direction. So even if Chester were to leave, and they were to replace him with someone bringing an obviously different sound, the essence of LP's sound would still be there to a greater extent than would apply to most other bands who lose their lead singer. "Should" they continue as LP, to me, would be in consideration of two things. Firstly, was the person who left a founding member and if so, do they have his 'blessing' (for lack of a better word)? Obviously that's just on moral grounds. Secondly and separately, would the sound and image change so much without the person that LP would lose what the majority of the public uses to identify them? In this case obviously Mike is still the main factor, but an argument could be made for Chester. I wouldn't go into commercial interests and whatnot since I don't believe such a decision should be determined by any of that. And legally, I really don't know who, if any single member holds the rights to the name.
  9. Remind us of the source that informed you that Chester "has or had no vocal training". It seems as if you're simply operating under your own assumptions.
  10. I think the release date is so far later than the single release for a smart reason. I think LP expected the mixed reception and some of the criticisms of "The Catalyst". I think they might be counting on the song growing on the fans and listeners so that by the time the video is released and in circulation, most of the fans/listeners/initial haters will be full of anticipation and will be singing along; something similar to the MTM era.
  11. This isn't by any means "genre-busting". This isn't a "new style or sound". In fact countless other groups have done this before. I'm just wondering what Linkin Park are thinking with regards to their musical direction. MTM was a drastic change from HT and Meteora. Now what we've seen from ATS is such a dramatic change from MTM. (Please save the "You haven't heard the entire album yet!" remarks. Mike said himself that this style basically dominates... And this is the lead single). As far as I'm concerned, this isn't creativity. I mean 5:42 and that's all they could deliver lyrically? And no solid instrumental solos to make up for it? I'm not convinced. This is Mike playing with his new software toys a bit too much and Linkin Park having a lapse in musical ideas. I'm disappointed.
  12. For all those saying you hate/dislike/don't like the song, you definitely wont have anything to be excited about for the new album. Mike said clearly it sounds just like the album, being VERY similar. What I think it really is though is politics. Just because we don't know this guy/he doesn't come from LPL, we receive his mix like this.
  13. Legend you are one crazy motherf-cker. And if it means more of these threads, just keep it up
  14. Q4E LOL at people calling this art.
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