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  1. Twitter/Facebook/YouTube are no longer viral advertising media. They have become a part of mainstream advertising. Mainstream advertising has a particular timing for announcement/release dates. Mike simply cannot announce the album title in a casual tweet like that before the official annoucement comes on Monday. It's ruins the suspense, the surprise, and the shock and awe factor. It's just bad business to not make a grand announcement and a grand release.
  2. I can guarantee that the album title is not "living things" BECAUSE mike tweeted it. He, like any member of linkin park, cannot confirm info until the date that wb records designate as the announcement date. Just like burn it down info, the title and release date were out but mike couldn't talk about it until the official announcement video. So here, the official announcement is Monday, therefore saying #livingthings proves that it's not the album title. Just speculation, but you can ban me if I'm wrong.
  3. there are fans that haven't heard "numb" live even once because of geographic and various other reasons and you guys are complaining about them playing the same ~25 songs in your area... there are more important things to consider. Plus a casual fan would rather hear "in the end" then "with you". it's about making the most people happy, and singles do the job. it's the fact of the business.
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