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  1. Here is my design! I would love to get some feedback on it! Where The Sirens Sing
  2. Favorite LP album? A Thousand Suns Favorite LP song? Iridiscent Favorite LP lyrics? as if the sky had blown the heavens into stars Favorite Hybrid Theory song? Crawling Favorite Meteora song? Numb Favorite Minutes to Midnight Song? In Pieces Favorite A Thousand Suns song? Iridescent Favorite Live CD? Road to Revolution Least Favorite LP album? Minutes to Midnight Least Favorite LP song? none Least Favorite LP lyrics? not sure Least Favorite Hybrid Theory song? none Least Favorite Meteora song? none Least Favorite Minutes to Midnight song? Valentine's Day Least favorite A Thousand Suns Song? Empty Spaces
  3. I didn't really get into minutes to midnight that much but all of the other albums were fantastic and I think the clip so far sounds great. The track list sounds amazing as well.
  4. Happy Birthday Chester !!!!!
  5. http://www.billboard.com/new-releases/owen...004021117.storyhere's a decent review from billboard
  6. I think we defend it so much...is because when someone tramples all over your favorite song...album...etc. it feels like your thus trampling all over them as well. I think you would be just as defensive if someone said you were narcissistic as well. Although it is possible we are letting the music get to our a heads a little bit to much...I could be wrong though.
  7. people throw around the term sellout a lot as well.
  8. I never agree with what critics have to say anyway. I think they tend to hate everything most the time. I really liked Dear Agony as well. as far as emo goes I think most people have a warped sense of what it means literally saying everything is emo even if it's slightly sad and it's really aggravating..and you're right there's no point in bashing them.
  9. agreed ...some people are to close minded.
  10. then why are you even here are you a fan or what? How can you say he expresses himself poorly?
  11. WTF...do you guys really think that 35 year old people don't feel sad...depressed???? It should never be about what a band looks like but about how the music makes you feel. I so hate the word emo ...they say that about everything. I feel the music helps people ....whatever age....get through difficult things....get through life. I really liked this album a lot....probably my favorite ever.
  12. in Give Me Your Name I'm I hearing "then I fall into the ocean inside of your arms taking me deeper" so does anyone know for sure if it's inside of your arms or inside of your eyes?
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