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  1. I made that username when I was like 12 or something, wish I could change it aha but yeah if they;re out there for free that's better!
  2. Are they leaked for free? I know where to get them cheap
  3. So I can get all these songs besides the HT ones
  4. You guys seem to have a few of his DVD's info (for Linkin Park and Dead By Sunrise). For you to get all the info you would have to have either the DVD's or in contact with him.
  5. theres about 5 or 6 different sources for each concert so thats about 10 different DVD's but yet none of them have been released any where. this is really ridiculous but if some one does find one than please PM
  6. i found some one on here that had it but they wouldnt trade it cause i have nothing they like
  7. on lplive's youtube account they have parts of the stuttgart concert uploaded (not sure which source). Does this mean one of the admins or some thing on here have the dvd? Are they willing to trade? I'm really desperate for the concert.
  8. i reckon ive been into every trading site and every bootleg site and i cannot find these concerts any where and if i do find some one with them they won't trade. its really getting annoying. if any one has any sources for any one of these shows PM me and ill give you the list of stuff ive got and we can make a trade (non of it is linkin park)
  9. thanks for that ill go through and have a look at what i can find. also i found some one on youtube that taped the whole Gräfenhainichen concert from the mosh but the girls boyfriend didnt want the original files to be given or traded to any one.
  10. well would any one know where i can get any sources for any one of those concerts? i dont mind if its trade or download.
  11. im pretty sure his youtube profile is dbsgermany but to send a message you need to be there friend but he wont accept
  12. so your saying theres no way to get a hold of this guy or his videos
  13. Bolt production has 2 Linkin Park concerts i want but i dont know where i can find him to trade or download the 2 shows. The 2 shows are Stuttgart, Germany, 30th July 2009 Gräfenhainichen, Germany, 2nd August 2009 Both are in 1080i. If any one knows where i can download them or find this trader or another trader that has them than please let me know. thanks.
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