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  1. I can’t believe you made the connections. I would have just thought it was some random demo they had, never thought it would be Thoughts That Take Away My Pride. They definitely liked the song. They showed it so much in all these LPTV’s and stuff and the Meteora DVD. There is also an episode where you can see a partial lyric sheet for the song. Idk what one. It definitely was likely a fully completed track. Whether or not it was voted off the album is unsure since they always have fully done songs that sometimes even get cut before they cut songs for the album. But it definitely exists. I doub
  2. Truly epic find. We finally know more about the song. We need to get it released on Meteora 20 in 2023. It has always been my Holy Grail personally, way more than Pictureboard. But anyways we need to ask Mike for a title of the song so we can finally call it by it’s proper title. There has to be a way we can ask besides Twitch. Maybe he can read this thread. He has to be made aware.
  3. Can someone please re-upload the original link in the main post? Would be greatly appreciated.