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  1. My came after 1 month. I havent seen any ats vinyl with the New warmer Logo. But you can get living this vinyl with the New warner logo. I dont know why they skipped ats.
  2. I am wondering that the meteora vinyl reissue can only be ordered in Russia, but that it should be the eu version made in Germany 🤔
  3. Oh Yeah, i have to watch out for IT. 👍 Is It made in Germany?
  4. Yeah but have u seen one in real? Atm its not orderable from Warner
  5. Living Things, recharged, Hunting Party too. Also not orderable from Warner at the Moment, but i Think they Release them soon.
  6. Oh nice, I have to keep my eyes open for this 👍
  7. Hmm... All my 3 vinyl reissue are made in Germany, ist It a 2020 reissue or maybe the 2016 reissue with the old warner Logo? Im just wondering
  8. One more light vinyl Germany reissue : Matrix number, A side : 00936249133245i+e3471693-01a1 B side: 0093624913245bh71693-01bi
  9. Today I found one more light vinyl reissue, it looks like all records will be released again
  10. I dont have a Scanner, thats the best i can Do atm. Cover Back Disc Cat. Number: 093624963332 Need anything Else?
  11. Found It today, ats reissue in Germany https://postimg.cc/JsGtKnn7
  12. Only if there was a Japanese release, Hybrid Theory would not have it because there was no Japanese pressing. U mean vinyl right?
  13. My Germany reeisues https://ibb.co/6Ft76j7 https://ibb.co/9tDCvbR https://ibb.co/x6jY9XM Unfortunately I haven't found a thousand suns yet, ithink It isnt Released atm
  14. Ok🤔 but Why If i may asking? Nobody needs to buy the Album more than 1.
  15. https://support-uk.panasonic.eu/app/answers/detail/a_id/4375/~/what-is-the-difference-between-a-4k-upscaling-and-native-4k%3F
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