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  1. I knew something about that drama.. Didnt knew sean or mike's perspective on this, but I as a fan, would have love for someone on any side to step up, be the better man and make an effort to reach out in honor of chester. I'd love to see mike remixing one of the tracks for grey daze, or joe directing a video... I think that message will spread the love despite the diferent perspectives. I myself have opinions on mike, chester's mom and sister, but those are private opinions based on nothing but asumptions. What, for me, would speak volumes is, for mike or sean to step up and try making AMENDS with the whole thing.
  2. does nobody EVER asks about what he thinks of grey daze, or amends?
  3. I tried to look it up on youtube but it's gone now! But I have the file. I'll attach it here. Am I alowed to do that? anyway here it is! Fallout - The Catalyst (Demo).mp3
  4. What about In Yourself / Be yourself? that beautiful intro for And one at the rock am ring 2001? And I also was waiting on that ATS promotional CD intro for The catalist, wich I think it's floating on youtube. Pretty cool and powerfull, and supposedly was going to be what ended up being Fallout
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