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  1. Thanks. This means that Chester sings: Common enemy: Hypocrisy Common enemy: Theocracy Common enemy: The war machine Is this the correct part?
  2. Hello.I'm italian and I don't speak english very well. In Dead By Sunrise's song in question, I cannot understand the words of the chorus; Many sites report: Coming out of the hypocrisy Coming out of the bureaucracy Coming in to lead to war They're a shame other sites: Common Enemy hypocrisy Common Enemy theocracy The common enemy war machine. Which side is right? Hello and thank you.
  3. I will want video of Jimmy Kimmel 2007 live:What i've done and Bleed it out in good quality! It be not found!!!!! PLEASEEE!
  4. hello.i'm italian and i don't speak english very well:) i need "bleed it out" and "what i've done" VIDEO at Jimmy Kimmel live 2007, in good quality... i search this file from a lot of time:i only found a video, that i posted on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47WHwgSx6PE, but this is in low quality. thanks a lot. bye.