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  • 'Skrrt Skrrt' Now Available On Audius!

    On today's Twitch stream, Mike Shinoda did an intentionally clumsy drawing of Sonic The Hedgehog he dubbed "SonkThHegeogs." By request of his Twitch followers, an NFT of it is now available at the OpenSea platform here.   In addition, Mike used another drawing of the "SonkThHegeogs" character as artwork for his newly released corona jam 'Skrrt Skrrt' on Audius!   This is the third jam to be officially released in the platform and the first not to be released right after the o

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    Paigambar - Everybody Here (Produced by Mike Shinoda) // Out September 16, 2021

    Paigambar announced on his Instagram account that he will release "Everybody Here" on September 16th! "Everybody Here (Produced by Mike Shinoda @m_shinoda) Dropping on all music streaming platforms (+ music video) September 16th. Took me longer than I hoped. But here we are. I’m very excited to share this with everyone. Save the date. 16/09/21. Everybody Here. Let’s go." Mike produced the song live on Twitch on February 26th, as part of his #ShinodaProduceMe initiative.  

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    K.Flay Working With Mike Shinoda Again

    K.Flay posted today on her Instagram stories a video of herself in Mike Shinoda's studio working on a new track with producer and songwriter Tommy English, with whom she previously worked on her studio album Every Where Is Some Where.   K.Flay originally met Linkin Park during the One More Light sessions when she worked with Brad and Mike on a demo that later became the chorus for Make It Up As I Go on Mike's 2018 solo album Post Traumatic.    

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    Mike Writing With Eg White

    On Twitch today, Mike said that he is doing a writing session over Zoom with Eg White. Eg, who we all know from Linkin Park's last album, co-wrote the title track 'One More Light' with Mike. Mike originally performed lead vocals on the track until the band decided to switch the vocals out for Chester's version just before the album was completed.   To read more about the background behind 'One More Light' (song), visit the song's Linkinpedia page. In March 2019, Eg joined Mike on

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    Linkin Park Members In Videos By Other Artists

    It's been slow on news in the Linkin Park world so we figured we could do something a little different. Not everyone is aware of this, but Linkin Park members have made cameos on various videos by other artists throughout the years. We've put together a comprehensive list of all the cameos we know about. Let us know if anything is missing!     Nonpoint - Endure (2001)     Nonpoint's music video for "Endure" is a compilation of footage shot throughout the touri

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