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Linkin Park Live Auckland Feb 21st


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I may as well type up a review of the show + summit seeing as i was there


So I get to the venue for the summit around 11 to see lots of LPUers scattered around the arena entrance waiting for the doors to open. After talking to some other fans around the door it gets to 1130 when Adam from the LPU comes out and gets us into a single line and starts checking names against a list to admit us me being the 2nd person let in i had to choose between a backstage tour and walking the stage (which i chose) i then bought a summit shirt then looked at some auction items but didnt have enough cash to bid on.

Later on there was a Q&A with some of the bands management including Adam and the bands head of security and some guy named Maurice who is in charge of setting up the stage.


Then we were split up into two groups one for the backstage tour and one to walk the stage


When i got on the stage which was amazing i checked out one of the sample pads for LGM then went up to joes dj equipment which had the BID samples loaded on to it as well as set b which i took a bad pic of hoping for it to be tonights Setlist


then i saw a summit soundcheck set with a better pic



then the Band came out and did the soundcheck which was amazing being up at the front of the pit at the time and during Victimized/QWERTY i was the only one who appeared to know the words. but it was very loud in my area .


Then the Band did a Quick Q&A and a group photo then a Meet n Greet with everyone. I Got My LPU 12 CD signed by the band but with Brad signing my CD twice which he said that he likes to sign things twice. one word of advice though dont wear a hat to be signed as joe will write something like I suck LOL which happened to someone next to me.


Then we were all scanned into the venue and got to look at all the people outside waiting to be admitted during which i headed upstairs to get dinner and overheard Stone Sour Soundchecking Absolute Zero (only the Instrumental). Then I went to my seat at around 630 when the doors officially opened and had a laugh at the people who thought they could get to the front of the pit only to find all the summit goers with pit tickets there.


Then at 730 the support act stone sour came on which was amazing as well as being the only person on their feet in the area i was sitting in. Corey Taylor gave a shout to LP for allowing them to tag on and saying it was great to finally be in NZ.


Then at 850 the lights went out For LP to Come on for which I was Expecting to hear The APFMH intro only to be surpirsed with Tinfoil/Faint which i Thought Was Still amazing despite the last minute set change

Hearing With you was amazing with the Pit being insane. I also noticed a couple of people being pulled out by security from time to time. A bit later in the show when Numb was played everyone in the arena got out of their seats including this old lady a row behind me with the pit going off heavily. Mike and Chester also did Part of Numb Encore at the end of the song then went into What Ive done. Then the Band went into One Step Closer which where the pit was at its heaviest.


Then The Encore came with Burn It Down with Everyone singing it, then they went into In The End With Mike going into the Crowd for the song which really got everyone excited. Then It was Bleed It Out which was the Last song and was a good closer despite Sabotage being dropped.


After that the band threw some drumsticks and stuff into the pit for people to catch then left.


I have to say that this Show was a really good show with a great opening act. I also want to say thanks to adam for everything he did at the summit.

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As this thread already exists, I will add my own review to it.




I didn't really get much sleep. I was staying in a cheap hostel and the room I was staying in was filled with eight people. The heat was intense. The noise from the streets was not subtle either. I decided it was time to get up as I couldn't stand being in that room for any longer. I jumped on Facebook on my phone and got in contact with some LPU members to ask what they were up to for breakfast. We decided on a McDonalds near the venue. After getting a little lost, I made it. There was a Linkin Park marathon on the television as we were eating which was fitting. We all talked about what items we would get signed and the Music For Relief event the previous day (which I could not attend, unfortunately).


After some cheap food and chatter, we headed across to the venue. We waited in line alongside about 200 other LPU members, eager for the Summit to begin. Thankfully, it wasn't long until I saw a familiar face poking his head outside to update on what was happening. It was Adam. He had us all enter in line, presenting our passes, obtaining our lanyards and making the decision between an on stage or a back stage tour. Most people had chosen back stage which spurred the decision to take the on stage tour. I am also a musician myself so I knew the opportunity would be priceless.

We all spent the next few hours getting to know each other, bidding on Linkin Park auction items, buying raffle tickets, checking out the exclusive Summit tee shirts and waiting about. Lunch was provided and we soon begun a Q&A with the crew. Many substandard questions were asked and a few comical answers were given alongside a small insight into the backstage life for a tour crew member.


We were then divided into our back stage / on stage groups and taken on our respective tours. I was among the first few to take the stage. This gave me a chance to sit behind Rob's drum kit and admire the view across the stadium. I could only imagine what it must feel like to play to that stadium while filled. I also had a look around at Joe's turntables, Phoenix's bass, Mike's keyboards and Brad's trigger pads. After this, I had a chat to a touring security member who was really lovely. He seemed tough but ready for conversation when sparked.


We waited around for a while more until Linkin Park themselves took to the stage. They performed a brief but solid five song set including VICTIMIZED / QWERTY, Points of Authority, New Divide, LOST IN THE ECHO and CASTLE OF GLASS. Unfortunately, the crowd was standing still and quiet while holding on to their respective iPhones, iPods, Cameras etc. The energy from Chester was fantastic, the energy from Mike was unemphatic but this was because the energy from the audience was lame. After this set, Chester was presented with a plaque from Warner Bros. Records NZ signifying LIVING THINGS reaching gold album sales in New Zealand. Brad went on to re-present it to Chester as a joke. The band offered a Q&A time to the audience who remained relatively quiet apart from a few standard questions and a question regarding the supposed 'break-up' the band went through in 2005. The band laughed and dismissed this as a joke. Another question involved asking about how Michael Bay managed to involve Linkin Park in the Transformers trilogy. Chester & Joe went on to re-enact a phone conversation where Joe was Michael Bay and Chester was 'Linkin Park'. It was hilarious.


It wasn't long before Adam had each person line the arena in order to organize a signing. The band took individual photos with raffle winners and highest bidders before signing each person's chosen item. Brad and Joe race around the arena while Chester, Mike, Rob and Phoenix took their time to sign each person's item. I chose to get my LIVING THINGS vinyl signed. Unfortunately, Chester and Rob happened to reach me at the same time so they were too busy talking to each other to really notice the people around them. Phoenix was lovely and had a chat with me about earthquakes (which is something we shared in common).


After this, we were given entry to tickets to re-enter the arena once Stone Stour had soundchecked. My friend James and I used this time to sprint down to Subway, grab a foot long sub and a drink and then run back. We were refused re-entry until we had eaten our food. Never in my life have I consumed a foot long sub so quickly. We entered the arena in time to be allowed early entrance against the barrier. I was standing where Phoenix would later be standing above me. Stone Sour were still soundchecking but that was nice.


People begun to rush the arena as general admission gates opened and the stadium packed out. I talked to some lovely people and found some old friends. Stone Sour began to play. I had only ever heard 'Through Glass' and 'Absolute Zero' before but the set had me thrilled. Corey Taylor was a stunning frontman, pulling the audience in and riling up a crowd. He was very enthusiastic. I was keen on the music and thoroughly enjoyed their set.


Soon enough, the lights lay low and the eerie noise from TINFOIL began to play. Faint quickly followed and the audience went crazy. Mark Fiore had the camera in my face for a verse or so which I quite enjoyed as I had a chat to him earlier. Phoenix flicked a pick at Mark's head and laughed so Mark handed the pick on to me. As the night went on, the party continued until the LOATR / SOTD / Iridescent medley. The arena was filled with lights, not from the stage but from lighters and cellphones and cameras. It was magic. For any person who has been to a Linkin Park concert, I am sure you know and understand the rest. I did, however, receive personal acknowledgement from Phoenix a few times throughout the night. Mike, while rapping the verse from UNTIL IT BREAKS, visited our stage side and saw that I knew the words so he looked at me as we rapped the words at each other. Brad waves to me at some point while he was near the stage back and smiled. Chester also pointed at me, nodded, and mouthed thank you before the encore.


This was my Linkin Park experience.


The end.

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