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Search for Yokohama 2003 (Source 3)


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Obviously we try and collect as much as possible from the LP shows in terms of sources, and we take advantage of every opportunity we have to get shows.


Right now we are on a search for the source 3 of Yokohama, Japan 2003.


We featured source 1 as a ROTW a while back: http://lplive.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=5515


Posted Image

'From The Arena' Kamikaze Records KKD-009


Basically the source can be found only in a Japanese bootleg shop, and we looked and found this, where it has been for years and years: http://mustangrecords.com/goodssb/detail_46209.html But it is "out of stock"....they probably won't get any more either.

So we are looking for a Japanese fan that can help us search Japanese stores for it but also local CD stores or other kinds of shops that sell bootleg CD's like these, and possibly ask for it in big Japanese LP forums if someone owns a copy.

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