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Best Fan-Made Remix\Cover?


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I'm particularly fond of this remix I did of In Stereo.


/shameless plug



zwierz's remix of Blackout is pretty awesome.


honestly i didn't like the In Stereo remix (maybe because it's guitarLESS)


but your mush-up to Asbestos & Victimized i'll send straight into Collision Course 2..


the zwierz's remix was great.

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Iodine is the fucking SICKEST FM remix I've ever heard. I've downloaded it a few months ago and listen to it often.


I really liked the Blackout/Papercut mix that was done a while ago.


can't remember who did it (reflectionist?) but it was great. I don't often DL fan mixes, but when I do...

Reflectionist. "Black Paper" that was epic. Edited by Soul
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