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Linkin Park RIAA Award Plaques


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I'm looking to get some pics of LP RIAA Awards, does anyone have any of the others?


Know Awards:

Hybrid Theory Gold


Hybrid Theory Platinum



Reanimation Platnium


Meteora Platnium





Looking For:


Live in Texas - Platnium


Frat Part - Platnium


A Thousand Suns - Gold


Minutes to Midnight - Platnium


Some awards may have multiple versions, IE Gold, and Platnium, Multi-Platnium. Basicly I'm looking to comiple photo's of each RIAA Award LP has been awarded, so If you have any pictures of anything listed, or even that I don't have listed please share!

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Other people involved with the albums that sell them. For example the Meteora one was someone who worked with them on the album, producer, mixer, mastering, something like that, who knows. Seller didn't reveal his name on ebay.

I'd guess that the band members keep the RIAA awards given to them to themselves. Quite often they are raffling, giving away, auctioning off etc. awards from other countries (that might seem not to as valuable to them as the RIAA awards) and you can assume with their huge sales worldwide they get quite a lot of these with every album. When you get like 20 awards for each album, you surely want to get rid of a few at some point haha.

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