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LPU7 Newsletter Trivia


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So, remember how the LPU used to send out physical newsletters instead of the online only ones? I was looking at my newsletter from LPU7 today and I noticed it had a 20 question trivia challenge. I never could find the answers for them, as they weren't included in the newsletter. Does anyone know the answers? Here they are.


1. This band member's identity is most commonly mistaken with Brad's.


2. This band member does NOT love to play Halo for hours on end.


3. This band member owns over 200 pairs of Nike shoes.


4. This band member can't sleep without a fan on (doesn't matter how cold it is).


5. This band member has a pet named The Kraken, who was named after a mythological sea creature.


6. This band member's favorite UFC fighter is Anderson Silva.


7. This LP band member tucks one pant leg into their sock during each live performance.


8. This band member can't touch his hands to their adjoining shoulders.


9. This band member's original career goal was to be a comic book illustrator. But, he settled for a career in music instead.


10. This band member currently holds the official Linkin Park record for the most fruit successfully juggled at one time.


11. This band member has been published in 2 music industry books. Bonus question - which books?


12. This band member can perform most computer hardware installations without technical assistance.


13. This band member hit the floating flag stick during this year's Projekt Revolution tour. (Hint: it's not Phoenix.)


14. This band member was an extra (although not actually featured) in the film Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey.


15. This band member's unborn child had conversations with Bono and Paul McCartney within 24 hours of each other.


16. This band member played Football and Pole Vault in high school (not very well though).


17. This LP band member loves the dressing room called ''the quiet room'' to warm up before each show.


18. This band member's favorite movie star is Bruce Lee.


19. This band member has done collaborative paintings with Gary Baseman, Greg Simkins and Dalek.


20. This band members wants to train and compete in their second triathlon this year.

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I think I know some of the answers....


1. Rob

2. Brad

3. Joe or Chester

4. Chester? Not sure.

5. No idea

6. Phoenix

7. Brad

8. No idea

9. Joe

10. Brad

11. No idea

12. Mike

13. No idea

14. No idea

15. Chester for sure

16. No idea

17. No idea

18. Joe

19. Mike

20. No idea

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