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08.02.2008 | Tampa, FL | Ford Amphitheatre


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After fully listening to the West Palm Beach 2008 show yesterday in my truck, I have a new appreciation for that show, easily one of the top 3 performances from LP on the tour and easily the best performance I went to: lots of energy and camaraderie from the band and the crowd was phenomenal. Just, typically, it was the worst experience of the 5 shows I went to because of all the intangibles especially seat location!


Onto the lengthy review though...


After the West Palm Beach show, we were in full swing of the trip and mini-tour of the southeast we were having and what not. I was really glad we were able to stay in WPB for a few days because none of us had been down that far and it was a really nice place.


The day of the Tampa show we were still in WPB and the plan was to check out of the hotel, go to the beach for a few hours, then make the 2-hour drive across the state to Tampa and hit it sometime in between acts on the Rev. stage. Again, had we all known how much we were gonna end up liking 10 Years (and Atreyu for that matter) after the tour, we would have made more of an attempt to see them at Tampa but what can you do.


We checked out of the hotel and such and went to another ridiculous McDonald's (the night before, I left the drive thru because they told me they do not serve double cheesburgers after 11pm - WHAT THE FUCK? ISN'T THAT ALL YOU SELL?). People in Florida do not know how to run drive-thrus like the professionals in Atlanta. They get it done right for ya. Anyways, we were all a bit groggy going to the beach but once we got there we enjoyed our second trip to the lavish West Palm Beach, like I said, one of the nicest beaches I have been to. We swam for a little after an hour, took some pictures, and decided to head on to Tampa because I really didn't know how long it would take because I didn't have directions but I did know how to read the map so thats how we got to Tampa - good ole' Pbon navigation skills.


The ride from West Palm to Tampa was a bit longer than I thought and going thru Central Florida is not the best trip in the world. There were some interesting sights and such but there were a lot of tree-infested "towns" that looked like great sets for horror movies and such. It was just a humid, drizzly drive that didn't appease me much as I was a bit tired and our mix of CDs and DSPs were getting a bit old to all of us ("That Dave Matthews song is getting a bit old, but its really OK." - Mark referring to Everyday) Haha.


Somewhere in between our drive we stopped at this seedy gas station to refill - why couldn't the gas prices be like they are now then??. Mark and Mary Ann did there thing while I looked at a map to see where in the hell we were going because I was honestly not knowing where in the hell we were at. Thankfully, we were going in the right direction and I was able to get my tips from the map without buying it, always grand. Mark and I got some nasty ass Subway for the 2nd time in 2 days. The trip seemed a bit groggy for everyone, and even though I am real glad we were able to stay in WPB for a few days, I wish we had been in Tampa to start the day off. But thankfully the trip wasn't that long and we didn't miss but half the Rev. stage by the time we got there.


When we were approaching Tampa, I had remembered some of the roads when I traveled the similar way from Orlando in March, and thankfully I rememered the road Ford Amphitheatre was off of, so making some bold decisions I made a clear cut shortcut that was a gamble but it turned out it saved us about 20 miles and 40 mins and bam, we were at Ford Amphitheatre.


The amphitheatre is on huge amount of fairgrounds next to the interstate and across the street from the Hard Rock Cafe. The area is about 5 miles from downtown Tampa and I always associate the area with New Orleans for some reason, perhaps the Bayou jungle looking entrance to the grounds or what not.


This would be my 3rd time to Ford in the past year and I really enjoy the venue. Mary Ann had been here with me in March for Three Days Grace and Breaking Benjamin. This was Mark's first time at the venue I constantly hailed to him before the trip. If your not familiar with Ford, it's probably one of the newer venues LP plays on their PR tours. It opened in 2004 and it has a very distinctive "butterfly" roof. I personally love the venue itself but the sound and surrounding area isn't the best.


We parked, got situated, and bestowed my camera upon Mark because we MA and I had pit tickets. After the WPB situation, I was very relunctant to bring it in but I knew he was going to have a good opportunity to get some good video so I let him. Just wish we had more batteries.


I upgraded mine and MA's tickets to pit a few weeks before the show meaning I spent about $400 on Tampa tickets - the first tickets I had we for seats in the middle back section and after the Raleigh show (maybe before that) I decided we were doing pit, and they happened to still have tickets available when I was randomly looking so I said hell yea, get them. This gave us the opportunity to have about every experience and view for each show which turned out really nice.


Mark was meeting a girl named Natalie who he talked to a lot the night before (the kid is absolutely hilarious with the amount of calls he makes after shows informing to the people the show he just went to was the best thing that has ever happened in existence and it was the best show LP ever put on, you can't argue about it... - he is a true loyalist to the LP Nation.) Anyways, I'm not sure how he worked out with the girl but I believe I gave him one of the tickets I had to get in and she was gonna meet him inside and give him a ticket that gave them front row (but not in front of me!).


We got thru the gates, no problem, and the place was epic confusion. None of us were happy. They only open one side of the joint during Rev. stage, and unlike West Palm or Charlotte, the area on the left side of the venue is tight so there were so many people crammed into one area. It rained that whole night and morning so the Rev. stage was in a basic swamp pit dump and MA and I made an attempt to see some of Atreyu but quickly left. Most of the time I would have stayed but since we had pit for LP I didn't want to be a nasty mud ball in the pit the rest of the night. So we decided to ditch that disaster of a synagogue. Gotta be the worst Rev. stage set up on tour. Awful location.


I wasn't feeling to well so I had to visit the dreadful bathrooms. What a joke. Looked like I was in the middle of Detroit or Griffin, GA or something. Total dumpage. Mark was off doing his own thing that he does and MA and I just chilled and got our pit armbands and finally made out way to the gigantic pit for Street Drum Corps.


I hadn't been that low in Ford and the first thing I noticed was that the pit was twice the size than most of the other pits at other venues for whatever reason. It was sweet. We were some of the first up there so we were RIGHT THERE.


I had never been pit at an amphitheatre show so I was pumped as hell. Unlike a lot of other amphitheatres, Tampa's pit is a monster and perfect for humongous mosh pits and wild shit. Perfect. It was also interesting to really gather some of the back stage stuff for the early bands since its so easy to see on both sides the closer you are. I was intrigued at how "simple" it was, until LP's stage was setup.


This would be the first time completely seeing Street Drum Corps and they caught my attention at this show. Of course, there nothing elaborate and they are just drummers banging on anything but they are unique and they had some catchy songs I think Crazy one of the names. The lead singer would literally get in front of some of the people on the barrier and just go off. He was insane and they impressed. They definitely need to expand their music and genre a bit to be a bit bigger but kudos to LP for giving them the opportunity of a lifetime to perform on the main stage AND with them where the venues are full capacity to really get their music out there.


Next was Ashes Divide, which interestingly enough have just recently broken up. Looks like PR was their only major tour... good enough because while they aren't absolute awful thing in the world, I couldn't get into them. I knew nothing of Billy Howerdel or A Perfect Circle (although Mary Ann is a fan, surprisingly) so the bald lead guy meant nothing to me. Again, not much to get into although it was again really nice to be RIGHT there. I like to catch a lot of subtle details and I always noticed the drummer would look at the right side of the lawn at the huge (and tacky) silver metal wall that just covers that side because the interstate is directly behind it and on the other side is the Hard Rock Cafe skyrise where people could easily film the shows. He just kept giving the thing the weirdest looks and it was interesting because it is a very odd feature to this otherwise very nice venue.


I think somewhere around the time AD got off and the Bravery came on, I went to go get some water for us because we were dying. It was hot as fuck. I think we stopped by Natalie and Mark, who conviently were at the front row so we could stay in the pit and talk to them. Had to make sure the Jew still had my camera and he did.


Next, we're the Bravery and again nothing special to the show. They wear the same clothes, same banter every show (even though it was nice banter). Their performances, though, were always solid and I ended up downloading a few songs after the tour. The lead singer is a weird, weird bird but he is entertaining. I really like the drummer, he is very "tight" and his hollow clear drum set is very nice. There was this one obsessively obnoxious fuck face in the pit that just thought it would be the greatest thing to start pushing people during Bravery. C'mon. I mean, I know its pit but its Bravery. No one else was going along with him and some people just got pissed off so he finally got the gist and fucked off somewhere else.... Moving on.... Of course, one of the highlights is after their set I easily caught one of their drumsticks and I was estatic. I just stook out my hand and bam, it was there. I was very happy but I didn't know what to do with it, I had never caught anything at a show before. I tried the pocket, between the belt, gave it to Mary Ann. I eventually had it for Chris' set but before LP, because I knew I would lose it, Mary Ann gave it to Mark to hold so that was convient.


The night was turning out very nice, and the place was starting to get packed, although I don't believe the pit ever got to nearly full capacity at all but I wouldn't know because I was so far to the front. Man, what a view of the place from the pit, to just look back and see all those people, it was sweet.


We were ready for Chris to come on and after the violin intro he ran out like he does and the place went wild into Cochise. However, Chris was very hard to hear on some songs in the pit (turns out one reason is because the low level output they have to use at Tampa) but it didn't dampen much. Chris was absolutely on fire tonight and definitely feeds off of bigger crowds. At Raleigh and Charlotte, the crowds for Chris, I thought, were pretty weak. However, at the FLA shows, they were packed out way before Chris came on and you can tell he was ready for a good show.


A highlight was being able to see Chester hang out backstage with his wife, Chris' wife, and Chris' young sun, who was running around backstage with earphones and drumstick, haha. Chester was just chilling to the side, watching Chris and waiting for Hunger Strike. When he walked out for HS, of course, the place errupted and it was sweet to be RIGHT THERE (lol, how many times have I said that already?). Really nice touch to the shows right there. Hunger Strike was amazing at this show and I believe Mark took a hell of a video of it on my Youtube. (youtube.com/zuben7o7).


He went through his hits even though I really wish he would have played Like A Stone with the band rather than acoustically but it was fine. Outshined and Show Me How To Live were excellent live and have since become some of my favorite songs by him. This is also the show were I really really started to take notice at his new songs he was playing Watch Out and Long Gone. Watch Out is excellent and I fell in love with the rhythm and guitar. Great live song, Chris and the band nails it. Also, loved how the touring DJ contributed Timbaland's parts in the song. Say what you will about his new stuff but I think his new stuff is excellent and these were two great songs to play on the tour. Long Gone is played a little later in the set and I really ended up liking it by Atlanta when I started to hear the words. While I'm not a big slow song fan, this is a great song.


He closed out his set with the chilling Black Hole Sun that always gives the chills and a feeling of sorts. Its a powerful song. But hell to know, we are right there and during the song, Chris motherfucking Cornell flops down on the crowd and does a surf job RIGHT ON TOP OF US!!! Mary Ann had full hand grippage with him for about 10 seconds and I was able to touch a bit of his ring and ring finger. But man, he was singing the song right on top of us, what an amazing experince. Everyone had there arms up, they weren't gonna let this mother drop. After he got back up, the whole pit just erupted and got even louder with the rest of the place after the song. Man - I know he had done it at a few of the Northeast shows, but this was the first time he broke it out in the South and man was it sweet. After that show, whatever doubts I had for CC were erased and he turned into a great, great act.


After this, of course, the sun was at the horizon and the stage was getting prepared for LP. The text message board was going crazy with Skip <3 Katie shit every other text and then all the BS "Cheer for Florida", Cheer for FSU, Cheer for Jesus. Haha, loud, loud roars from Tampa, man what a stellar crowd. I had Mary Ann go and find Mark, who was up talking to Pooch at FOH, and give him the drumstick to hold for us, poor girl had to fight through all sorts of grungy folk and guards to get him but it was turned out just ripe.


It seemed like it took forever for LP to get on stage and it reminded me of last year's Tampa show I was at, way back in the lawn, when this fucker from the local radio station said everyone in lawn had to go to their cars because it was raining but LP still fully intended on taking the stage. Few people left but not a ton. Anways, no rain in sight tonight and we were front and center waiting for LP.


I always get so anxious and jittery and even more so because my favorite LP opener, No More Sorrow, was opening this mother. Man, I was stoked. The pit was getting packed and hotter than ever but we were ready. After 25 mins of waiting, the lights dropped and here are the birds from SDC.


The place erupted and the pit did huge wave of pushing back and forth that was interesting. We finally got a little room to move once NMS kicked in though.


Naturally, no one knew what to expect with SDC being out there but the only thing I liked about them opening the show was the slow rising of the giant Linkin Park backdrop. I think it would be even sweeter if they had just had it rise when LP actually started there own intro but what can ya do.


SDC ended their jaunt and the familar "sewer" sound of the NMS intro started and the place, having heard NMS open last show, was ready for it again. Like I said with Chris, the place has an ordinance where they can't blast the volume at full capacity and in the pit, it wasn't the loudest thing I had ever heard like I expected but it was still awesome. As the night went on, the songs got louder though.


The intro was amazing. Love, love the middle part before Brad comes in. Amazing. Lights were insane as always and everyone was getting ready to just go insane. The pit crowd we had was outstanding.


Brad was front and center for ebow and I noticed some of the faces he made, he looked a bit stressed lol. Saw Mike and first thing I said was thats the ugliest shirt made my man, what in the world is your problem lol. Phi came out then Chester mosied on out then 1, 2, 3, MICSTAND IN THE AIR and BAM WE ARE OFF INTO NO MORE SORROW and we all start jumping like a bunch of wild camels.




The place was insane. Chester just came out and was nasty with the micstand and the song fucking kicked ass. What a way to start the show. I was in full energy mode along with Mary Ann and we just jumped our hearts away - man what a way to start a mother fucking concert.


The new transition intro into Lying From You is a very good place for a number 2 song and Mike came out on his podium and we rocked out slowly with our hands up to Mike. No chatter from Mike on the intro, but that's ok (see WPB LYF, best one all tour). New intro or not, the place still knew the cue. With this being my favorite LP song, I knew I was gonna have to go complete apeshit on this song and indeed I did. What a great pit song, especially during the bridge. The place went off. I was already having the time of my life, I am so glad we got pit.


Somewhere I Belong was next and I was wishing they still had the old intro to this. Either way, still a great rocker. So many people get into this song, its still a big time favorite for the more mild fans. Lot of jumping, lots of fists in the air on this song. Great song live and another great pit moment. The ending is phenomenal and Chester does a really sweet job on this song live.


Wake 2.0 was next and the lighting on this song is top notch, its definitely a lot better in the middle of the set than Wake was, although it was fantastic as a show opener. We clapped our way into Given Up and the pit really started to take off from there. We were pushing, slamming, moving all around and it was nasty. We were getting that push from the back like at the start of LP and but it was all good. I'm still not the biggest fan of this song live, It just doesn't ever get me the same way as when Chester does the full scream. Still, a great pit song, a heavy song, and a fun song. No complaints.


Papercut was next and I enjoyed the intro to kinda chill and watch Mike for 50 seconds or so, lol. Mike gave a nice speech and then he told us peeps in Tampa to "Get the FUCK UP!" and we did just that. The whole pit was jumping up and down and when the verses started some moshes starting breaking out in little bits throughout the massive pit. Papercut, as usual, was phenomenal. Great live song.


Next was was Points, one of my personal favorites. As had become typical during PR 08, Mike spit Petrified 2 over the intro which always seems to get the people not expecting it in a real good mood. The intro is sweet, no matter what verse. Love the sampled drums. Anyways, after all that goolosh, we march right into the song. This song was an absolute murdering riot in the pit - people were going more insane than any previous song. I even got a bit overwhelmed during the PoA outro and was begging for water but I eventually snapped back into shape for Mike to request Brad do the outro a bit faster for him. The outro was nasty at Tampa, just take a listen. Mike always says its for the pit but most people just watch and move, not much moshing at the shows we were at because simply most people didn't know the piece and its too short. I did though, and it didn't stop me from belting the verse with Mike and banging my head to the drums.


And, as is typical around the PoA time, the keyboard is brought and the slower, more boring part of the show (please delete this section LP!). In Pieces was next, and it was just practically the same exact setlist thus far as Tampa had last year. I know most people don't give a shit and I didn't in the pit lol but looking back on it, I just don't know how LP could feel comfortable on a different year of their tour and play the same songs, in practically the same order at the same venue and such. LP really could have experimented with this tour and even though I had the time of my life at this 5 shows, the energy and creativity night in and night out was non existant.


In Pieces really annoys me now and I hate it live. I just don't get into it that much. I sang along and all that, but it was pretty much a recovery time for yours truly and Lil Turk (Mary Ann.)


Like Mark, I seem to forget the setlists in the heat of the moment so I had no idea what was after IP, I thought LOATR, but nope it was Numb which is always a highlight of the middle section of the show. Each show always erupts for this song, probably more than just about any other (besides OSC maybe) and I really enjoy it, I think Chester really nails the bridge. Great live song and I hope they keep it in that dubious middle section to give it some life.


People were expecting Pushing Me Away on the piano like last year but it was PMA studio which was a nice hear. It's never been my favorite studio song but its a classic LP song that I enjoy listening to every now and again. First time I had heard this version live so it's always nice to enjoy something for the first time. It was seemlessly played with a lot of singing from the pit.


Breaking The Habit was next and it always gets a rousing ovation when the sample comes in, its definitely up there on LP's favorite song list for many people including me. While Chester may not sound as good as a few years back, he still always sings his heart out on this song and Mike even started breaking it down during the bridge on piano, Mark took a short video of that on my Youtube after him witnessing Mike go nuts on BTH @ Charlotte a few days earlier. BTH is always a fun song, and I really enjoy the outro.


We'll just skip Shadow of the Je... I mean Day.


Enter terrific silhouetteic lighting, the Krwlng intro, and Mike front and center belting the first verse of Hands Held High rapidly, but steadily, trying not to take too long. What a great addition to the set. A lot of people really get passionate with Mike, and HHH is one of the surprisngly popular songs from MTM from what I can see with it not being a single and such. However, we don't go into HHH we transition into Crawling and the place goes crazy again. I love right before the first verse starts, the "vacuum" sample that feels like it just eats up the crowd into the quiet verse. It's gotta be on the of the loudest moments of the show. Of course, Chris made his appearance and the place was loud. That really got a lot of people going, and it was a nice change to the set to have a legend like Chris come out every night and sing Crawling.


One of the more strange setlist transitions is the anthem Crawling into the monotone and crowd-killer Leave Out All The Rest. I honestly thought they forgot this song because I had no idea it was that far down the setlist, in a very akward position between Crawling and In The End.


Leave is not that bad of a song persay, but is a definite crowd-killer. Not many people, even if they love it, get into this song and I certainly don't. I hate how Brad and Phi just leave the stage until the end. I just absolutely hate that. Not to mention, Joe not coming on for NMS until like a minute INTO the song and leaving for PMA. That's bothersome as a true fan to see that shit. Stay out there for every song, I don't care if you have nothing to do or not. Of course, Brad and Phi make their triumphant side returns always smiling at each other like Jews looking at a synagogue. Point: Leave Out All The Rest sucks.


In The End was next and it was its typical sing-a-long. Always fun song but never anything more. It would be nice to hear Chester sing some of the song by himself some too again but doubt that would happen. I thought that was the end of the set and we would be waiting for the encore but noooo.... after all the distortion, Rob set in and then here comes Brad and here we are....




BAM! THAT MOTHERFUCKER WENT UP AND DOWN LIKE A MONGOLIAN ON A POGO STICK. Man it was sick as fuck. MA and I went crazy and absolutely owned the pits. We were bouncing back and forth and people along the wall were pushing us back in. When we got ready for the bridge, EVERYONE JUST WENT FUCKING INSANE X 1000. DAMN. Hard to explain and even really remember really but I know it was just all fucking insanity. Super amounts of fun and like I said, what a pit crowd. Everyone was ready to scream "BREAK!" with Chester at the end of the song but like everyone does, says it, and then to their surprise we got more with some outro action. Man what a blast, LP was on for that song and the place was cranked. They left the stage but everyone in the pit knew not to go anywhere, there would be more. I had no idea how the encore started, I thought with WID intro. Nooope.


To our delight and surprise, it was time for Joe again with Cure For The Itch. I really enjoyed this the night before at West Palm and once Joe got into it, everybody in the pit were shouting "Hahn! Hahn! Hahn!" It was amazing and me and MA smiled at each other. We were having an absolute blast.


After Joe's too-short Cure, Mike walked out and started into WID. I was disappointed we weren't able to see the WID intro again but I knew we would see it the next day in Atlanta so no biggie. This song always gets everyone going even though its a dead ringer mid-tempo song. The bridge is sweet and Chester typically nails the song. I just don't like Mike's "quiet" na's at the end, its much better on the record. No doubt a sweet song.


Next, the moment I had been waiting for all night. While I had some great pit moments all night and was living it to the fullest (OSC was literally insane), I was waiting for Faint. When I heard the string sample start up and Rob kick in, the pit starting going insane for anticipation of Brad getting down with the nasty riff.


Brad got up, did his rendition of the the dance he does, and here we go.... the place went off. That pit starting jumping up and down - it was fucking crazy. It seemed like Pooch cranked it because it was loud as hell in the pit. The intro into the verse was insane.


As the song got to its last part before the outro, the pit was all mine. I was pit master for Faint and it was probably the best moment of any LP show I had been to. MA and I were in the middle of the pit and we were the only ones in there. There was one point right when the outro started where I was on one side and she was on the other and we got pushed by the "wall men" into each other and made eye contact and it was really awesome, we were having a blast. Once the outro kicked in and Brad started his solo, I tried my best Chester imitation that he does on the outro where he just goes insane. I was in the middle of the pit all by my lonesome with everyone watching me just going insane. Man. That was awesome. After it, when the slow it down, like 20 people came and shook my hand and patted my back to tell me that was sweet as fuck. Literally, I went apeshit x 100. What a fucking blast.


Things calmed down but nobody in the pit started to leave even though I know people in the seats thought the show was over. Some guys next to us were saying

"Oh yeah, they gotta do that Busta Rhymes song right." even though Busta's was way off the tour by then...


The stage techs brought Rob's secondary drumset and people just kinda look, wondering what there doing. Once Rob comes out, and people realize its Rob, the place erupts.


We were literally RIGHT THERE for Rob and it was nice. Rob's not my favorite LP member and I think he really holds back on his solos, but it was still nice to see him up close. The drum solo was of its typical mold, nothing special and into Bleed It Out.


Bleed is great live especially all extended and Ohhhs and Ahhhs and whatever but its definitely not my favorite song and even though I have seen it close 5/8 shows I have been too, I really hate it closing the show. Its a perfect song to close the main set with my not the show. Anyways, they continue with the song and go into the SDC part which really got old after the 4th show. I really never enjoyed anything SDC did with LP - and I think it was a really poor excuse for LP to "add" something to their set that is being done solely by a different band. PR 08 was awesome but the band really disappointed me that did could not add more or change up the setlists. BIO was swell and that was that. Chester said the night before in West Palm that we were on the best crowds the band had EVER played for, which was a true statement, the place was sold-out, loud-as fuck. Tampa was right there with them and he said we had been the best crowd of the tour. The place erupted and when Rob threw his last drumstick, I fought for about 3 minutes with this guy much bigger than me. I almost got it, I was on his back, but he had the upper hand and eventually had one of his buddies sling me off. Oh well, I got the Bravery's so I wasn't that disapointed.


I enjoyed seeing everyone get up and all that and all the lights on the crowd... we went up to where Mark and Natalie were sitting and she had said Mark went up to where Pooch was. So we went over to him and Mark was saying something Pooch (even though security was giving Mark hell, Pooch put it at rest and said it was cool.) We all headed out and did our typical post-show, walk-to-car talk. MA and I were still on a high after the pit experience. It was truly an awesome experience and while I'm not so sure I would want pit EVERY single show, I will definitely be getting in at the Florida shows again.


We had a hell of time finding where in the world we parked. I know in the general area but Mark and MA, like a couple of douchasses, said we parked on the opposite side of the damn venue where you're not even allowed to park. I just shook my head and continued in the direction. We had looked for like 15 mins but finally found it, haha. Mass confusion in Tampa. I was looking at one of the hotels across the street, wishing we had gotten one for tonight but we couldn't do that this late and we needed to get back to Atlanta (ON MY BIRTHDAY, LET ME REMIND YOU!) for the last show tomorrow. We finally headed out, stopped a McDonald's (much better than the crap shits in West Palm) and headed on our 7 hour journey overnight to Atlanta. MA and I drove about half way until we got back to Atlanta somewhere around 6. What a trip and what a way to close it out on my 20th birthday in Atlanta.


Tampa was great. I wish we had been able to stay longer as far as outside the show but the show itself was phenomenal. Pit is well worth it and I will never forget it. Best show I went to in terms of the experience, same with MA. Mark didn't enjoy the venue as much as I do and definitely wasn't thrilled that they had the noise ordinances where they can't crank it up to as loud as some other venues but he still had a great time. He had great seats, front row, right center. Overall, fantastic show and one of the greatest concert experiences I have had.


Atlanta 08 coming soon.



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