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Is there gonna be ProShot during Honda Tours?


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I doubt it.


Pro-shots are often done for radio shows or TV broadcasts. the fact that the Honda Civic Tour is sponsored by *ahem* Honda - a car company, not a broadcast company - makes me think it's unlikely that they'll let another company come in and get promotion off their tour.


the band is only likely to film stuff in pro-shot if they are planning on releasing it, which requires loads of paperwork - wavers for the attendees, insurance for all the expensive gear etc.


we're actually very lucky to have so much pro-shot stuff of LP, but I doubt you'll get anything other than audience recorded footage from HCT - no band takes pro-shot rigs and video gear to film every concert, and I don't think LP are any different.

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I dunno how this guy got this clip but he said he have the complete show. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7GdD_nKtgAc&feature=plcp

this is NYC Bitch Comittee. they are an audience-taping bootleg group, they've recorded alot of LP's NY shows - Wantagh (PR07), New York (Winter '08), Wantagh (PR08) etc.


it's certainly the pro-shot "view" of the show, but from what I've seen i'm pretty certain it's screen-taped footage

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NYC Bitch Committee is awesome, they tape pretty well. It will be nice to have the whole thing since the Wantagh DSP will not be available.

true, the video's not great quality, but it's the best we're going to get

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