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June TV Shows In Japan


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On the 22nd and 23rd, Linkin Park went to Japan to play two TV show performances in Tokyo for the promotion of their new album.


We found out from Mike just before the first show that Brad couldn't make the flight to Japan for these performances because he was sick: "On a serious note, thank you to our tech Jeremy for filling in for Brad, who is sick and couldn't make it to Japan." This was the first time that Brad has not made it to a show at all and that Jeremy has had to fill in. We all remember Ted filling in for Phoenix last year in Bangkok and Kurt filling in for Chester on 'Shadow Of The Day' due to his broken wrist in Hindmarsh, Australia in 2007. Brad missed the hour and a half Sunrise 2011 soundcheck party that had 50~ fans in attendance but his recorded parts were played over the PA instead of someone filling in. He was also sick at that show but was able to play that night during the regular performance.


On the 22nd, Linkin Park (well 5/6's of Linkin Park) played the TV Asahi Studios in Tokyo for Music Station (show page here), where they performed 'BURN IT DOWN'. Unfortunately when it was shown on TV, the broadcast fucked up and the audio & video were out of sync. The only video on YouTube right now is this one since our favorite people at WBR have taken down the others....



And then on the 23rd, the band played the Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan (show page here), where they played two shows last year as well as hosting their 5th LPU Summit there. They also played the venue for Live Earth in 2007. At this show they played 'LIES GREED MISERY', 'Numb', and 'BURN IT DOWN'. The video of those songs can be seen at the 3 minute mark in this video - thanks to MikeShinodaClan.com for that!


On the 27th, Linkin Park plays Jimmy Kimmel Live in Los Angeles and on the 29th they play the X Games event at Club Nokia. For now those are the only two shows coming up for the band that have been announced until the Honda Civic Tour begins on August 11th in Bristow, VA. Perhaps there will be an album release show for LIVING THINGS? We will see! For the full 2012 tour schedule and setlists/show info from shows so far in 2012, click here.

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