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Why BURN IT DOWN is the perfect first single


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Burn It Down is the perfect first single because it is the perfect blend of new and old. It's really electronic with soft verses, but then it has the anthem-esque chorus and a dab of rap in the bridge.


Why do people think Lost In The Echo should've been the first single? That would give fans the idea that the band is bringing back their old sound, Burn It Down on the other hand feels a bit more like everything.

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I think BID is the perfect first single for this album because it sounds like it comes from LP.


When you first hear the song, you immediately know that its them because of its structure with catchy hooks and melodies. Which IMO is a very important quality for a lead single.


I don't think BID is the best song on LT (I actually think its one of the weaker ones), but I think it was the best choice for a lead single.

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