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For some reason, nobody on LPLIVE has talked about this EP at all. I just listened to it tonight, and I think it's kick ass. I can't wait for We're Here With You, and this EP will tide me over for a bit. It has 4 live in studio tracks (similar to the third encore performances for LP in 2007) and it features Dregs Of The World, Fail With Grace, Someday Soon (Headcleaner Remix) and Maestro (Koma and Bones Remix). Pretty awesome. My favorite is Dregs.

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I rarely post on LPL these days but yeah I was looking for this everywhere online when it came out. I only have Dregs. Sounds great though especially the Someday Soon remix.


Really wish there was another was to buy, the only place I've found it is on the SDS merchandise store, which is great, until the payment screen goes to all German.


Not too bothered now though with WHWY coming in Jan. Nights of Futures past studio sounds amazing.


On that note Im so glad Everyone Knows is so close to releasing, the Last FM thing finally got enough scrobbles and listens to unlock the song. It should have been out this week, hopefully tommorow.

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