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Linkin Park overcrowded show at Morumbi (2004)


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It will be interesting to read, nice article.


We haven't seen a show like this for ages. The promoters have estimated an audience of 80 thousand people.


Sгo Paulo - We haven't had a show crowded like this for a long time. The crowd that came to the stadium, mostly comprised of teenagers, took over Morumbi stadium, at the south zone of Sгo Paulo, to see Charlie Brown Jr. and the American band Linkin Park, the main attraction of the night. Before the Brazilian band got on stage, scheduled for 8 o'clock, the show organizers celebrated the sales of tickets to over 75 thousand people that came for the show (the police officials estimated the presence of 80 thousand people).


Charlie Brown Jr. even tried to "teach" the audience, who was singing all their songs, between making "drums" noise and "bass" noise, each half of the crowd. Chorгo, the band singer, stimulated the crowd making them repeat their songs full of bad names.


"Are you ready?", shouted Mike Shinoda, and Linkin Park got on stage exactly at 10 PM, playing the song Donґt Stay, from Hybrid Theory (2000), which sold 14 million copies. After that, they played Lying From You, from Meteora (2003). Alternating Mike's hip hop and Chester Bennington's screaming vocal, Linkin Park brought the teenagers to madness.


The band vocalist Chester even tried speaking Portuguese, "E aн, galera?" ("what's up people?"), and the show continued with Papercut and Points of Authority. Altogether, they planned to play 20 songs, with a mix of different songs in the middle of the show. When they started to play the megahit Somewhere I Belong, the greatest and loudest choral was sung all over Morumbi.


Until the middle of the show, no serious accident occurred in the stadium, neither medical occurrences (mostly they attended people for excess of alcohol). The only problem occured when they opened the gates, at 3 PM, when there was a massive amount of people trying to enter at once.


thanks to http://www.lptimes.com

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