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The "Iridescent" artwork protest


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Hey everyone...

A few weeks ago the band announced a contest for "Iridescent" artwork.


We are Linkin Park fans and we respect the rules, we don't know why what has been agreed did not matter, and why winning a fraud, we respect our band, we love them, but we think this situation is unfair. We just want to know the truth and we are disgusted - we did everything right.

The winner of the contest added over nine artworks although according to the rules ONLY ON...E was allowed.


If you want to support us - join the protest and invite friends, let your voice be heard.


http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=2364...236422866376183 event on fb,


http://vegetto-vegito.devi​antart.co...002827&qo=4 More info here. Join our group if you have an account on dA.




http://mikeshinoda.com/201​1/05/25/i...#8203;-contest/ the note from Mike Shinoda


Important... Just see what THE WINNER SAID. Anyone wants to ask what is up again? Do you really think he deserve to win? http://imageshack.us/f/9/t​hewinnerbmp2.png/

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Now that it's done, it's done. What do you want to change? They had a moment of glory of some mintues and right now, there are going to fade away as fast as they became "famous".

And you know, I had a look to the artworks all along the contest and he wasn't the only one posting several artworks for this contest.

And the comment was not even posted by his "official" account, I mean this guy could just be a jerk willing to provoke this kind of conflict.


So, just let it go and be happy of what you've done :)

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Guys. everyone knows now that every new LP contest will be fake, nothing is matter, just try to cheat and maybe you will the winner. So honest is nothing, awesome.

No offence but just because one bloke cheated doesnt mean that every contest the band will hold will have the same thing happen. I know of numerous contests the guys have held and all of them have been successful.


The contest is done and dusted. I see no point going on about it now. Just be generous that the band is actually doing something with the fan base. Linkin Park Featuring you, Sample mash up contest, The New york videos from the release show and this. Give them some credit. People focus on negatives too much.

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