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Mike's MySpace Playlist


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Mike submitted a playlist to MySpace for their series of "Featured Playlists" by respected artists. MySpace removed a few tracks and reordered them, so Mike made a post with the original lineup and links to where you can hear the rest of the songs here. This isn't as cool as his Muxtape series he was doing for a while, but it's alright. Pretty interesting rap....



1. Crystal Castles - "Alice Practice"

2. Shy Child - "Pressure To Come"

3. Yourcodenameis:MILO - "I am connecting flight"

4. Millionaire - "Petty Thug"

5. Passion Pit - "I've Got Your Number"

6. Vampire Weekend - "The Kids Don't Stand A Chance"

7. Fleet Foxes - "White Winter Hymnal"

8. Glasvegas - "Daddy's Gone"

9. M83 - "Run Into Flowers"

10. Linkin Park - "Leave Out All The Rest (M. Shinoda Remix)"

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