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Moscow Concert


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The official website of Dave Farrell, Linkin Park released a message that expressed his views and a pleasant surprise team of the flashmob concert in Moscow, as reported on the broadcast of this concert.


Translation of his message:

"Speech at the Red Square in Moscow, could not we do not like it, it's an amazing place, where our Russian fans have done us an unexpected surprise. Each of them were printed the words of Martin Luther Kingly" wisdom "," justice ", and" love ". During execution, we track where the sound of his speech, the fans surprised us the interesting visual idea. The spectacle was a great guy and we can forget it navryatli.


To see more entries from the show in Red Square, which took place in the premiere of "Transformers 3: Dark Side of the Moon", turn on channel MTV2 on Thursday, June 30 in the USA, Spike, Palladia, or on your MTV channel outside the U.S. On Friday July 1.


First broadcast in the United States will begin at 7:00 pm on Thursday, June 30 on MTV2. Full schedule below.


June 30

MTV2 - 7:00 pm (6:00 GMT)

Spike - 12:00 midnight (11:00 GMT)

VH1 Classic and Palladia - 11:00 hours (10:00 GMT)


July 1

VH1 - 11:00 hours (10:00 GMT)


All who live outside the U.S. - check local TV program. "

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I think there's only going ot be a few songs played, I just checked the schedule and noticed it only has a thirty minute spot.


Edit: I looked again and it's reads "Transformers: Dark of the Moon Special, with Cast interviews, film clips and red carpet highlights"

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Was watching Zombieland on one channel, it ended, flipped through, and SpikeTV had "Action!" (idk) and it said featuring TF3. Caught it right as they had LP playing Iridescent in Moscow. It was pretty awesome, but still, give me album version over it everyday

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