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Second Night In Tokyo Added


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Linkin Park has added a second night in Tokyo, Japan on their Asian Tour this September.


The official website's announcement reads: "Linkin Park has added an additional show at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan on September 10. Stay tuned for information about the LPU pre-sale and public on-sale ticket info."


It is interesting to note that like the Melbourne shows in 2010, the second show (this one) will actually be the first show played. Both Melbourne and Tokyo on this touring cycle have had second dates added the day before the original show. Linkin Park has played at this venue once before on Earth Day in 2007 (show page here) for the Live Earth event, when the fans broke the barricade.


With a second date being added, we can start speculating about the location of the fifth LPU Summit! Will the band bring it to Tokyo? The first two LPU Summits took place in two of the three cities so far on the "A Thousand Suns" World Tour that hosted two shows - London and Sydney. Do you think Tokyo will host a Summit this fall?


This show brings the Asian Tour to 11 shows, making it the largest tour in Asia the band has ever played. Previously, 2007 held the record for the most shows in Asia on one tour with 10, although the band played another earlier in the year for Live Earth. LP has played five shows in Japan previously in 2003 and 2007.


Source here. Find the full 2011 tour schedule here.

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I believe they'll end it with 12 shows in Asia.


There is room between Osaka on the 16th and Taipei on the 19th for one more show. I'd say on the 18th in China? I'm surprised there hasn't been an announcement of several Chinese shows on this leg. I'd say a Shanghai or Beijing show on 9/18. I'm fairly sure they'll add something since LP rarely ever takes multiple off days in a row in the middle of a tour; almost doesn't happen for them.

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Maybe this is all due to the earthquake in Japan ?

what do you think about it ?

Hmm I don't really think so. The band hasn't done a lot of shows in Asia in a few years so I'm sure they're just playing where the promoters are demanding them, etc.

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yes i'm serious, they have high pitched voices and are a lot more coordinated to sing along

Yeah you are right.


Asian crowds are the most respectful crowds in the world. DEAD silent on the quiet parts during the set. No talking at all. They are also loud as hell when they need to be. LP plays to totally different audiences when they tour the world.


US/Australia are pretty similar from what I can tell, maybe Australia is a bit more hardcore. US is the least intense for sure. Europe is god damn off the wall insane at shows and Asia is a very respectful audience but also loud and rowdy...just different atmosphere. Trent Reznor's comments at a NIN show in Asia on their last tour were pretty funny - he said something like the first time they played there he thought no one liked the band at all because they didn't make any noise during their songs like "Something I Can Never Have" and "Hurt" and how you could hear a pin drop on "Hurt". Actually the best live recording I have of "Hurt" comes from Japan....

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