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01.02.2011 - Boston, MA


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The next show for LP takes place at the TD Garden in Boston, MA. It's been quite a while since the band has actually played in the city of Boston...they usually play in Worcester (which has had quite a few shows), Mansfield (where Projekt Revolution 2008 kicked off at) or even Foxboro (Summer Sanitarium). I believe the last time the band actually performed in Boston was in 2000! Regardless, Massachusetts gets a few solid Linkin Park performances each touring cycle. This is their first time playing this venue in downtown Boston so they should bring a large crowd!


So far we've continually seen sets B13, C5 and B11 at the past few shows. It has been confirmed that the band is rotating them randomly. However, we don't know if Set A1 is still being rotated. That's the only set with 'Wretches & Kings' and 'The Messenger' in it, by the way. Do you think we'll see an appearance of that setlist anytime soon?


Mike recently confirmed at the M&Gs that the band voted on bringing fans up on guitar for 'Faint' on the North American Tour....and a majority of the band voted NO. Mike said he was for it but that he was outnumbered, so no fans on this tour will be brought up on stage to play guitar.


After the Boston show, the band has a few days off before playing what is sure to be an exciting Madison Square Garden show followed by two songs on Saturday Night Live the next day! But we'll get to that later....for now we have the Boston show to look forward to! Does anyone have a M&G for the show? Who from LPLive will be attending?


Preshow chat, go!

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