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My experience onstage with Linkin Park


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Christopher's Birmingham, UK guitar playing Experience. 9/11/2010


Whats up LPlive.net.

Ive read Pez's and LP_Lewy's threads, and they are a great read and congrats to them. I met LP once before at Nottingham Meet and greet in 2008.

Ill start in the Que at the gig, it was about 4 degrees outside, my mate and i got to the arena at about 3pm, the doors did open untill 5pm (an hour early due to the cold). After an hour of getting inside the venue we got into the concert hall. it was So hot inside! especially when you have 2 hoodies on due to the cold outside!

At around 7:30pm the Support act came on, they were called "Does it offend you, yeah?". They were okay i guess, all the songs sounded the same though..


Right, onto Linkin Park!

The band had just come out of Shadow Of The Day, Mike says to Rob, "hang on a sec, You know what we haven't done in a while?, Is have somebody come up and play guitar". Mike was on the left side of the stage, looking out onto the crowd. My mate and i were right at the front. I Put my hands up and mike saw me right away. He said," you!?, you swear?". Then Chester said "I believe that guy, he can play that shit". After a bit more Chatting between Mike and Chester, Linkin Park's security guard, Quite literally, picked me up and lifted me over the barrier!. I went up on stage and Brad said to me, "you can play the Rhythm part to Crawling right?". I was so overwhelmed by it all that i just said, "yeah!". When I started walking to Mike's side of the stage, Chester said "Dude, Mike, He's wearing your fucking shoes!". I had the MS|DC Xander Hightop shoes on. I totally forgot I had these on at the time!. Mike was like "He's wearing my shoes!". He seemed so happy that I had his DC remix's on. Then he said in my ear, "I'll sign those for you after!". Then the lights dropped and I played crawling (Mikes part), there is nothing like Looking out to an arena crowd all screaming, My hear was racing so fast, I was feeling every emotion all in one go!, I was trying so hard not to mess up, It was hard Hearing what I was playing actually, But I was loving ever second of it. Near the end of the song, Mike, Chester and brad joined me on the little high-risers they have at the front of the stage. I still couldn't believe that I was playing with my Favourite band and the people I look up to for years were stood less than a foot away from me.

So the song finished, and Chester said "Excellent, well done!". I stood with Mike and Chester on the High-riser for a while and Pointed at Linkin Park's photographer who was Filming the whole thing. So I came off stage, it still hadn't Sunk in what i had just done. When One Step Closer was Finished, It was the Encore, this is when Mike came down and Chatted to me for a while, we talked about when I met them before in 2008, and Mike told me that "when we pull people out the crowd, its either really great or its a total disaster, and you just rocked it!". I asked Mike for a photo at this point, the security guard took it for me. Then mike Asked me for one of my shoes so he could sign it.

Then I said to Mike, Thank you so much Mike, this is an absolute honour, he shook my hand and went back on-stage. I signed a release form and then went to watch the rest of the show, with A set of robs drum sticks that Mike gave me and Dave's guitar pic I used. All in all, The best night of my life!. If anyone was at that show, and you have pictures of me onstage with them, please contact me. Thanks.


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