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Mike/Chester Mic. Volume


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During the acceptance speech (towards the end of the video) it's very clear that Mike's volume is more than double than that of Chester's.


Why is that? The background vocals are almost drowning out the lead at some points.

Those arnt even their stage mics. They must be presenter mikes or something that people announce the bands and whatnot on. The reason why chesters mike was down because on the broadcast the channel was muted, What you hear is coming from the PA system unlike Mikes whos going straight to the broadcast as well as through the live PA system.

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The mic Chester is me looking like a very low volume at all the shows this year. The show of Brazil this year, I was there and realized that the volume of it, especially, was very low. The mic of Mike was a much louder sound, really.

If this is true, I hope they fixed that...


I just enjoy Chester's voice a lot more >.>

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Sometimes, i figured that Chester's mic was a bit too loud in a couple of songs, like during Waiting for the End, when Mike rap's part you hear more Chester than Mike, wich is kinda sad ...i hope they'll fix that or that Chester will sing a bit less louder during Mike's part.

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