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LinkinPark: Live @ Astoria, London 03.05.07


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Thursday 3. May 2008.


That day was my 2nd LinkinPark show held at their one of stop at London, England venue called Astoria. This was my 1st time attending to this venue and for my experience I think this is still the best venue that I have been to by far just the fact that the venue is so small that no matter where you are standing you are still going to get an excellent view of everything that's going on.


So when I woke up to a good start of the day I recieved an E-Mail from the LPU regarding I've recieved a M&G pass o.o! I just couldn't believe what I was reading basically jumping for joy lols. So from where I stay in Glasgow, Scotland...I was then ready to jump in the train early that morning. I think it took about almost 5/6 hours to get there? When I finaly arrived at the venue in the LPU waiting line for the first time : ). Shockingly I was the first one there! Everyone arrived like 10mins later than me so that was lucky, while there was a big ass huge public line waiting at the other side "laughs". We all waited and waited for about 2hrs til that point I got there so during that time I've been talking to other fans from the club and making friends and thats when I met Simon who is known for Energy over at lpfuse.co.uk! And have been chatting to him on MSN for quite some time before that also. He was a cool guy. It was that time when we finaly arrived inside and waited for another half hour for the guys to come out and It was crazy seing them coming out sitting down at the table apart from Joe lol you would expect him to do something funny...He decided to stand up and let the fans shout for him Joe, Joe, Joe! Then he got back down to the table. So being the first one to go up was scary cause each and one of them was directly looking at me smiling and I was like to myself omg. So I shooked all the guys hand, got a picture taking w/ Mike and got my Meteora Special Ed record signed : ). Then I rushed inside the venue up to the very front centred! And after that everything was just so rushed forward I think that was one of my epic shows/day from LinkInPark I have ever attended to and that will never be forgotten cause I have the bootleg live DVD to watch over and over again lols and Im init : )!.


Thanks for reading lol.

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