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LPLive Chatroom ... pt.2


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As we already mentioned before, we have a chat room running on the IRC-Network for quite a while now. Most of the staff is present there regularly plus a few other folks. So come over if you want to talk to us, hang out or just to have some fun.


There are 3 ways to join:

First one:

http://chat.efnet.org/irc.cgi?chan=%23lplive.net (it's highly recommended you enter a nickname there and then just hit Login)


Second one:

Over the mIRC-client, you can download it here (Windows only!). Choose any server on the EFNet network and join the #lplive.net channel. If anyone has a link of a good tutorial please post it.


Third one:

If you have Firefox, simply get the ChatZilla Add-on here.



MAC Users can PM Jack for help.


We want to include a possibly to join the chat over the browser for v4.

See you there!

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You know what? The two of you are lucky. :(. All Im gonna say. :'( You really hurt my feelings guys. I HATE MY LIFE! RAAAAAAAAGE ON ALL OF YOU!


No seriously, Ive been busy so I havent got a chance to come back on, might get on soon though =]


For those who use FireFox, just install the Chatzilla plugin. Works like a charm.

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