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10.06.2008 Vilnius, Lithuania, Siemens Arena - review

And One LTU

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Ok, it's my time to post my review about 10.06.2008 Vilnius, Lithuania, Siemens Arena show :D (Sorry for my english)


When the show was announced I was totally shocked, I didn't believe... But when all news portals in Lithuania reported that it's true (and LPN too), I've become happiest person in the world, lol... Tickets were held for sale on April 28, but tickets was SOLD OUT per one hour... Awesome!


At June 10th (At lastly, after waiting very long time), I went to first Linkin Park show in Lithuania... And it was ABSOLUTELY UNBELIEVABLE... Best show ever I've seen before... The crowd was fucking awesome, we sang everything with LP.... I remember, when gunshots of One Step Closer started I felt biggest euphoria ever. After One Step Closer came Lying From You, then Somewhere I Belong, after that No More Sorrow - every song at the show kicked some ass, every song was performed very well (Chester's voice was very good at the show, because he had longer break... Just listen to recordings). During Papercut both Mike and Chester was very powerful... And crowd too ;]. After Points Of Authority's kicking ass outro, biggest treat for Lithuanian crowd came. Damn, I knew the setlist, so Reading My Eyes wasn't surprise for me, but for many people it was second euphoria... Reading My Eyes performed with some mess-ups and Chester's different choruses, but it sounded very well and... unique! After that Linkin Park played Wake, Given Up, From The Inside, during second verse of Given Up I've screamed something very loud and Mike saw me... I felt like "OMG, OMG, OMG MIKE SAAAW ME, SAAAAAAAAAAAAW ME"... After From The Inside band had a short pause, Mike talked about Leave Out All The Rest and requested the crowd for lights... After few seconds EVERY SINGLE person in Siemens Arena had some lights (I felt like OMG, SIEMENS IS BURNING)... and, and, and... Mike felt like in the video as he said "Just like in the video" :D... I liked crowd's singing during Numb, Breaking The Habit, Shadow Of The Day, Crawling songs... YEEEEEEEEAH, we were very loud during these songs... During TLTGYA, great security guards gave water for the crowd... It was very needed, because there was some faints in the crowd... During In The End bridge Mike and Chester went into crowd... Crowd was very loud during that ;D After that, the most interesting song for me - Bleed It Out came!!! It was performed perfectly, especially I liked Rob's drums solo. After drums solo, Chester brought Tyler on the stage... Unbelievable... After Bleed It Out was encore... VERY NEEDED, because I was SO TIRED... After encore Linkin Park performed Pushing Me Away (I hoped for studio version... But I enjoyed piano version, because "Siemens Arena burned" again, like LOATR). Then was performed What I've Done with different piano intro and after What I've Done... LAST SONG - Faint... I was tired, but I still jumped very high, and sang very loud... I left all my energy there... So, this was perfect show... Sad, that Linkin Park were late at the show and didn't see our country and city (our country isn't so nice as other european countries, but still, it has a very great places to see... And Vilnius OWNS Riga...), but this was very great day.


Sorry for my english again, maybe WhiteAngel will post better review ;].



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Linkin Park

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