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The LPUnderground Issues


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Hey guys!


I'm sure that you've all already heard that the LPU is going to move from the sparkart to the NING platform.


linkinpark.com, lpstreetteam.com and musicforrelief.org were already moved to NING and they are going to do the same with the LPUnderground.

That means:


- We will loose the LPUMB, our beloved joining dates and (minor) post count.

- The Design is going to be more basic

- possible hacking (?)


+ we would know more about LPUX


Anyway we LPUers want to show Linkin Park (especially Mike) that we don't want the LPUMB to be moved to NING and neither the chat to be like on LP.com.


So we created a twitter @Save_The_LPU which you can follow if you want to support us.


We thought we could do something stronger/better than a petition so if we RT or mention to @m_shinoda @linkinpark @heydudeimadam and @phoenixlp our wish, we might get heard.



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I used to be a LPU member but gave in seeing it was too much for something I rarely used.


If i were still a member i would be disappointed in what you stated above. Its really a step back for something that is already not the worlds greatest.

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I'm gonna post what I said on the LPL Facebook thing. Please know I'm not trying to undermine what you guys are doing, I'm just throwing a different perspective out there.


We've been begging for LPU upgrades for years, and every year there are only minor changes and everyone always gets all worked up about it.


This year, they finally decide to shake things up, and now we want to stop them because we want to keep things the way they are? That's really a complete 180 for a lot of people.


I have not been on the LPUMB for years. Why? It really is not that active anymore, at least the last time I looked. I stopped using the message boards for good when I discovered LPL. I honestly believe you'll find more hardcore fans on here or on LPA than on the LPU. I've said this many times, I think someone sig'd me for it, but the LPU has been overrun by a bunch of immature trolls. I can understand why someone active in the LPU community for many years would miss the message boards, but it's been a slow degradation.


Being sentimental about the message boards and post counts and join dates is understandable, but sacrificing that for real change in the LPU, to me, seems like a small price to pay (the irony of my word choice is that it costs 60 dollars lulzzzzz).


But overall, I personally do not want to save the LPU, OR change the LPU, until we get some sort of idea of what the change might be. All anyone has said so far about LPUX is that "we want to try to make it a better experience." Yeah, great, what else is new? We need specifics. And seeing how huge this change would be, I really think the band or Adam or someone should not be afraid to tell the fans what they're thinking about doing, even if plans aren't 100% confirmed.

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You LPU members need to stop being emo little shits.




Plus, i become member of LPU this year, in february...


The Site Sucks, the News are always late, the MB is awful really inactive and Emo.


LPU needs to be a Fan Site like LPL LPA or something like that, but needs a change, NING is not the solution...

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