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2008 Top Dog Awards


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LPLive is of course, the Linkin Park Live Guide. That means that we feature special live news as well as the regular album news. With that being said, I wanted to make a post about the crew for this year.


Straight from Pooch,


"ANYONE can vote for the 2008 Top Dog Awards. There are all sorts of categories. If you are a fan of the work that Linkin Park's crew did these last two years (or any other crew for that matter) go be a part of it and vote.




You have to go through a simple registration process and then go vote. Thanks for all your support - WE REALLY APPRECIATE YOUR VOTES.


Just a reminder of names of Linkin Park crew members:


Jim Digby - Production Manager

Ethan Merfy - Stage Manager

Ken "Pooch" Van Druten - FOH Engineer

Kevin "Tater" McCarthy - Monitor Engineer

Mike Amato - Tour Manager

AJ Pen - Lighting Designer and Lighting Director

Hugo Rempel - Production Coord. / Assist.

Jeff Mauss - Tour Accountant

Skip Twitchell - Video Director

Sooner Routhier - Lighting Director


Some of the Vendors for Linkin Park were:


Trucking Company - Upstaging

Catering - Dega Catering

Lighting Company - Christie Lights

Manufacturer - Adamson Sound

Regional Production Company - Atomic Audio

Security - NPB

Sound Company - Audio Analysts

Staging/Rigging Company - Accurate Staging

Rehearsal Studio - Third Encore"


These are all damn fine crew members if you ask me, and I think they did a remarkable job for Linkin Park this past touring cycle. Let them know you appreciated it and throw in some votes for them. It always feel good to win an award, and I think everyone listed above deserves one. From the very first European run in 2007 through Asia 2007, the North American Winter Tour and on to Projekt Revolution 2008, these guys did an excellent job. From the amazing lighting on the 'From The Inside' intro to the way the tours come together to the way the sound is mixed at the show, these guys are responsible for it. You can't disagree with the fact that this has definitely been the most hardworking, efficient, friendliest, and helpful crew that Linkin Park has ever had. How many of you had emails/comments answered by them for some reason or another? Exactly. It only takes a few minutes to vote (all you do is click a couple of buttons). Show 'em some love!


Remember, LP on Rockline later tonight. Links/info later.

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they are awesome, they work very hard

but i believe that the video director should work more

they need more screens.

The 2007 tours from Europe in May until Asia in 2007 all had video screens. Europe 2008 had it too if I recall correctly. After that, they did the 360 stage, and then in Europe and PR08 in the summer they had just the backdrop. The band was obviously tired of the videos, so they just used the backdrop.


For most of the cycle, they had those huge screens behind the stage.



The video director did a damn good job. I'm glad they switched it up. The screens rocked, can't wait to see them next time. You can't overuse stuff....keep it original/unique/exclusive :)

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ROFL @ yet ANOTHER public, easily accessible source mentioning Third Encore as LP's rehearsal studio. I still can't believe LPU HQ threw a bitch fit about it being mentioned on this website.

I actually threw in Sooner and Third Encore in since I know LP uses them.

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