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Is It Fake? 1.0


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So here it is, the 'Is it Fake?' thread. If you want to know if something is legitimate Linkin Park lyrics/songs/whatever, post it here and someone will answer back. I'm sure there will be someone who can answer those questions quickly. This will be much easier then a million threads about this same thing, and will stop all the repeats from popping up hopefully.


Possibly we can make a huge list of fake material, so we can just reference this thread if anyone needs it.


I'll start you off. None of this is LP:


Ground Xero, Splitting the DNA, Under Attack, Erection, All that Jazz, My Lady, Nobody Owns Me, The Good Times, Take U Down, Drive By Shooting, The Mission, Stop and Think, Body Crumbles, My Reason, I Just Want Your Company, Sway, Exorcist, Dust In the Wind, Pool of Death, Faded, Secret, Giving In (feat. Adema), Wake Me Up Inside (feat. Evanescence), Pool of Fears, Poem, Don't Remember

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Good idea! {SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif

Alright, here i go:


I Just Want Your Company: a lot of peoples have heard this song (Chester Mtv cribs). And actually this song is by (hed)pe and it's called "Bartender"


Giving In (feat. Adema): it's just a song by Adema only


Secret: a lot of people says this is the secret part, at the end of Part of me


Splitting the DNA: it's a tribute album to Linkin Park, or an unofficial rare LP songs album. Can't remember :/

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Yeah this is a great idea because I bought 2 fake albums.

I know Under Attack is a fake I have it but just feel like throwing it.


And the albums I believe to be fake.


LP Underground V2.5 [Limited Edition Fan Club CD]

Track List :

01 Points of Authority (Crystal Method Remix)

02 Carousel (Alter-Natyve Mastering)

03 High Voltage (Original Jap Retail)

04 The One (Alter-Natyve Mastering)

05 Technique

06 By Myself (Josh Abrahan & Mike Shinoda)

07 My Desember (Alter-Natyve Mastering)

08 Esaul (Place For My Head Demo Version)

09 Step Up (Alter-Natyve Mastering)

10 Dedicated (Demo 1999)

11 High Voltage (Live)

12 Kyur4 The Ich (Chairman Hahn)

13 A.06 (Alter-Natyve Mastering & Re-Edit Mix)

14 With You (Live)

15 High Voltage (Remix)

16 Part Of Me


I got this on Amazon, I guess. And this cover coarsely copies from LPU 2.0.

I found out I got it.


Linkin Park Greatest Hits

Track List :

CD 1

01 What I've done

02 Numb

03 One step closer

04 Given up

05 Somewhere I belong

06 Points of authority

07 No more sorrow

08 Breaking the habit

09 Runway

10 Lying from you

11 In the end

12 Shadow of the day

13 Place for my head (Wrong name)

14 Faint

15 Papercut

16 Bleed it out

17 Crawling

18 From the inside

19 Easier to run

20 Points of authority / 99 problems / One step closer

21 Pts of athrty

22 Dirt off your shoulder / Lying from you

23 My december


CD 2

01 Foreword

02 Don't stay

03 Qwerty

04 Pushing me away

05 Valentine's day

06 By myself

07 Figure 09

08 With you

09 Leave out all the rest

10 Forgotten

11 Step up

12 In pieces

13 Giving in (feat.Adema)

14 My reasons

15 In between

16 Hit the floor

17 Hands hald high

18 Numb / Encore

19 Nobody's listening

20 I just want your company

21 Jigga what / Faint

22 The little things give you away

23 Cure the the itch

24 Session


I purchased it on eBay. People say this is a limited album produced in Europe but this is just a fake.

There are 2 CDs and the cover and CDs are almost likely.

The songs? That's the problem. The order of the songs is not matched to the list.

And as you know, the order in the list is a crap.

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