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Shinoda Clears Things Up


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Hey guys. I'm just as bummed as you are.....I was really looking forward to the DSPs and last few shows of this cycle. Unfortunately, things like this happen, but hopefully the band doesn't take too long to crank out that new album. Anyway:


Both Mike and Valerie (winner of the Remix2Win contest) called in to X107.5 (X-treme Radio) of Las Vegas today. Shinoda gave us an insight on what the deal was with the cancellation(s). I'm glad Mike did this, and I guessed that he would do it being the type of good person he is. Thanks Mike for calling in and clearing things up.


Mike said Chester was at his house, not doing anything that strenuous, and his back gave out. He was in so much pain that he couldn't even stand up. Then, they carried him by stretcher to the hospital, where the doctors finally said that he can't play live for a little while. Mike said the band was expecting to be done with the touring cycle, with the Las Vegas show and the Music For Relief Asian Benefit Tour, but unfortunately they had to be canceled. Valerie asked when the band would make it up, and Mike said that they're trying to figure out a reschedule as soon as possible. He wants to make up the Las Vegas show for sure, but said the China, Taiwan, and other shows were a bit more complicated. Hopefully they stick with their word and make the shows up sometime soon. Possibly an escape from the studio-type tour that we saw with Japan 2006? Maybe in a few months they can make it all up. Valerie, I'm sorry for this happening...I know it sucks, and I'm sorry for all of you Asian fans, especially the hardcore as hell Taiwanese fans.


Download the full interview here: (Courtesy of my good friend Jasparina from the outstanding LP fansite http://www.lptimes.com)



Valerie's (another friend of mine) remix can be found here:


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I am going to write serious information here. I hope Chester Bennington will get this any way... I hope.

I am not fan. I am master of transcendental yoga. When I saw Chester's photo this spring I was not happy to know that I have an karmic connection with him. It is not easy, believe me, please. I feel his body as my own. It is too deep. Last three weeks I gathered photos of his back. One of them, from Ve'cel, is constantly standing in my computer. I already had two total meetings with him "Breathing to breathing" to give him energy. It is normal method for master. I must "work off" this connection. Distance do not exist.

I can not stop it. I want to help. It is old story. More detailly I can tell only Chester. Thanks for the cooperation.

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