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Petition: Linkin Park in Argentina



Warner Music Argentina and Linkin Park Argentina have joined forces for one of the greatest causes to fans: to make Linking Park be tempted by the proposal of setting foot in Argentinian soil.

Thanks to our contacts with the record label they will send them our desire of having them in argentina through the band's tour manager.

We only have to gather at least 20000 members in this group to make our request count.

Also, in order to help the cause, you'll be able to download a form to gather signatures manually.

Not gathering that amount of signatures does not mean the band won't come, but it would be a shame to let this opportunity pass us by

Remember this is a great opportunity for us to see them live after the edition of his next CD that will be at 2010.



Two Fan Sites working together with the same intention, with the same target to achieve


LP Uruguay joins to LP Argentina to the Petition


Here is the link if you guy want to Help us...




LP Uruguay



LP Argentina




Thanks for your time reading this...




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Awesome, just joined, really hope you have success.

join to LP Uruguay if you wanted.... Will be great :)



It's a great idea, like "BrasilWantsU", but i don't think will be considered by the band..

I remember the petition for making "No Roads Left" a single, the band itself talked about it, but it wasn't considered..

its hard work for us in southamerica, you know it... but


we need try and try and try...



never lose hope

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