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Fire Song Meaning!


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i liked everything thats come out so far tbh. Fire was eh at first but i see where Chaz was coming from when he wrote the lyrics, I think its about letting the person you care most about no matter how far you are away from them they are always with you. In whatever form you want to think.

my thoughts. What are yours?

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I agree with Geki's thoughts in that thread. The song makes me think of remembering someone that has passed on.


"When I look to the stars, I know just where you are. You're looking down upon me." as Geki said, from heaven.


"No need to get locked up inside the past, I know it isn't changing." - No need to dwell on what could have been done to save this person, or what you could have/should have told them. They're gone and wishing they were still around won't change that.


"No need to let you go or say goodbye, to know that you'll be waiting. I know that you'll be waiting." - You don't have to block out their memory or be too sad to speak of this person, because you know you'll see them again.


"I've got to, find a way, to keep my pain from burning, down to the bone." - This line is either really interesting or really bland. It either just says I can't let my pain get to me, fight the pain, which is sorta bland.


Or, maybe it could mean I can't let this pain I'm feeling for this person who has passed on, deter my faith that I will in fact see them again. "Pain burning down to the bone" meaning the effect of this death thoroughly destroying your faith in an afterlife, or the chance to see this person again.


And the title, Fire, could be a reference to the emotional distress you would be feeling because of this passing, the conflict of "they're dead and I'll never see them again" vs "No, I WILL see them again. They're waiting."


Or, maybe the person died in a Fire.


Long post.

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