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Making of WTH>You looking for any info


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Hey guys!


As a hardcore Linkin Park I remember there was a link to Making of WTH>You at LPUnderground 4.0 website back in 2004. The problem is it didn't work at all at that time. Anyone got any info if that video even exists?



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1 hour ago, LPLStaff said:

Do not have this but will contact LPU HQ to see if they can find it. Adam sent me all of the LPU videos in 2009 on the website and that file was actually broken and did not work. Will see if they found it. It surely exists somewhere.

are all the LPU videos still available on LPU page? or most of it is gone?

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On 2/16/2023 at 3:22 AM, JZLP-NaughtyNottingham said:

I remember that video 

Super simple video with the fans and that's it.



You mean the making of Wth>You?

Because if you're talking about just the music video of Wth>You (featuring the fans and skateboarders) i know that.

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