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Mike Interview w/ MYX Philippines


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Mike also sat down to do an interview with MYX Malaysia on March 17th. And of course, we have the recap:


- Mike mentioned he was excited to eat the food in Manila when he was visiting his most recent time in 2019 since he was familiar with it in LA. He went walking around and tried different restaurants which he loved.

- He explains how #ShinodaProduceMe works. All of the artists so far have wanted to release the songs - they don't have to but he does like that they are releasing them. Fans can still send in submissions to Mike since he's still working on new tracks. He'd love to do a "futuristic dance hall" track or reggae track. He's always interested in hip hop tracks too.

- They talk about the 'Happy Endings' music video. The director uses a lot of modern styles mixed with throwback ideas so it feels raw and not too polished to Mike. He liked that because it has a sort of indie feel to the video. They didn't all shoot together but they did shoot in the same location. Mike didn't see UPSAHL at all, they just texted, but he was leaving right when Iann showed up so they talked for a few minutes. There was a crew of just seven people shooting it. Both Mike and the director did the illustrations in the video - some of his Twitch artwork was illustrated by Mike that he sent in.

- Mike says the reason 'Drivers License' is such a popular song is because it has a unique characteristic that when everyone listens to it for the first time, they love it. He talks about new artists he's listening to right now, mentioning Tobe Nwigwe, Mazie, and Teezo Touchdown. 

- He'd like to be able to go out on tour soon to perform for fans.


Check out the video here.

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