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Mike Q&A 2/18/2021 (Mentions 'New Album' Possibility)


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Along with his debut of the new song "Happy Endings", Mike answered questions on Twitch today. Here's the recap.

- On if he is making a new album: "I'm not working on a new album, no, but I have music. Does that make sense? I make stuff all the time, I've made some things. And if the song were to do well, I could very easily see organizing some of the things I've been making and putting it out as an album. It sounds like you guys want more rapping. What do you guys want? What kind of album should I make if I did that? More rapping? A lot of people said more rapping. I don't like "making something like a thing", but, I could make a bunch of new songs with the Fort Minor drum pieces and things like that. I don't really WANT to do that but it's a possibility. But I've got stuff, I could do it."


- "What have you been doing that has helped you stay sane in lockdown?" -> "I think like doing creative projects helps. And also sometimes just being like, I know that we are supposed to do a thing like the kids are SUPPOSED to be on a Zoom right now, but maybe we should go on a walk. Maybe we should pick up food and go to a park. It doesn't happen often, but once in a while, you've gotta just prioritize."


- "Have you ever thought about the possibility of bringing one of the LP members to help with a #ShinodaProduceMe song?" -> "That's possible, but we're not doing in person stuff. No one's doing in person stuff."


- 'Happy Endings' physical release: "Some people want to hear 'Happy Endings' on vinyl. A vinyl single? We could do that."


- "Are you nervous releasing new stuff? Or are you like, "Whatever, if they like it, they like it"?" -> "I get excited. I don't get nervous, I get excited about it though."


- "Favorite Linkin Park demo?" -> "Demo? Does that mean demo that got released or demo that got turned into a song on an album, or a demo that didn't, or it doesn't matter? Favorite demo that turned into a song... I mean dude there were some demos that there was real merit in the actual demo that we ended up going in a different direction with the final. You guys remember 'Primo', that whole situation with 'I'll Be Gone'? 'Primo' was a GOOD demo. And we ended up doing the song called 'I'll Be Gone' out of it, but the demo version of 'Primo' is pretty great. Part of me thinks that maybe we should have gone that direction. But it was a vote, six guys vote and that's what you do with it. And I'll tell you... typical band dynamic: if Joe were to watch this, then he would be like, "The demo was better, I told you so." That's a typical Joe response to that. He wouldn't say it in those words, he'd say it in much more snarky words. But I would agree with that. I think the demo of 'Primo' had better bones than the thing we released, in my opinion. At the time, I would have voted for the 'I'll Be Gone' version, but now I think that was... I think the other version might have been better. But I don't know, we'll never know."


- "I can't stop talking about the art for the song ('Happy Endings')." -> "Oh, I haven't talked about this today. Cain Caser is an artist who I've been seeing around. So Cain's really dope, go check him out on Instagram. Frank Maddocks was like, "What if we asked Cain to do it?" And I was like, "Oh I've heard of that guy." We had been thinking about a few different artists and Frank had gone out to a few different artists to ask, "Are you interested?" And Cain came back with images right away, like, "I want to do this, check this out." And one of them was the start of this cover image. And I loved it, I was like, "That's pretty sick, let's do that. Like would he be down to collaborate with me on it?" And he was, so basically he did it in photoshop and then transferred that to a physical painting and started painting them. And from the physical pictures he took of the painting, I took those and then manipulated those. So, the physical painting of this thing he actually finished and went in a slightly different direction. So the physical painting is different than the digital art that's the cover. So he'll probably post his version, which is great, it's so cool, and my version is the version that ended up on the cover. He's in the UK which is the main reason we didn't physically do anything and physically pass it off because it'd be too expensive and too slow too. Because you have to ship a physical painting and the single release was coming up too fast. So the timing and money didn't make any sense. Yeah, but I'm all about that cover, I love that cover. Fun."


- "What's the story behind the "come on" at the start of 'Over Again' and why'd you feel like it needed to go in the song?" -> "You can hear when the song starts, you can hear me frustrated yell "Come on!" into the mic and it was because I was so frustrated. I was trying to record the song, it was very serious and I was trying to get it done and then there was like a car alarm going on outside that every once in a while when I'd try and record my part, I'd be just doing it and it'd be like "Beep beep!" And I was just like, so mad. So yeah, it was a stupid car alarm."


- "How do you navigate all of your plugins on Ableton?" -> "It's a mess. My plugins are a total mess. I did highlight, like you can categorize in collections and I did put the category "Use More", I tagged them as "Use More" so some of them I put in there so I know that they're good since I don't usually use them."

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