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"Hold It Together" Music Video by kattoda


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Long time Linkin Park fan kattoda has created a fully animated music video for Mike Shinoda's "Hold It Together", the song that infamously had all of its music video footage lost.


From Linkinpedia: The "Hold It Together" video was filmed in Prague and Luxembourg on the 2019 Post Traumatic Tour. Mike said in 2020 about the video, "That's the Hold It Together video. Some of you were coming to the shows and some of you saw us filming the video and we got so much of it done. We had this whole scene... it was this whole idea partially inspired by the Missy Elliot videos from the early 2000s, it was Hype Williams, he did all of these weird, jittery things. I was doing it in reverse, some of them we were doing takes in fast forward. I had memorized the chorus in reverse and I did this whole thing where set up this shot, we had multiple cameras shot, handheld, it was on stage and I did this whole thing where I came to the stage. So at the end of the show, the show's over, crowd's there. Then I leave the stage and then from off stage they all get in position and we did this whole choreographed thing with like streamers and lights and I don't remember what else, and me walking backwards to the stage.


Played in reverse it was SO cool because I was talking to the camera and then I was doing the words and I finished on the stage. Then the streamers went back into the things, like the poppers went in. It was great, we couldn't believe it, we had one take to get it right and we got it. And then at the end of the tour the hard drive was accidentally confiscated by the airport police. We believe. We believe that what happened is that it was in Chady's bag and then all of a sudden it wasn't, and it was his mistake to not back it up. So.... it sucks. And that was just one of the scenes, we had done a bunch of scenes with the crew. And you can't recreate those moments. It's not possible. So, that's a bummer."


In the video description, kattoda says, "Hi! I’m kattoda and this is my very first animated music video. When I first heard ‘Hold It Together’ I immediately started imagining this story. But I never thought of actually making it into a video. Until I heard Mike saying that they lost all the footage for the Hold It Together music video. So I decided to spend my time in quarantine making this video, and I really hope you enjoy it"


Mike of course, in typical Mike fashion, has shared the video on his social media saying, "Wow, @kattoda_draws did a whole music video for HOLD IT TOGETHER. Watch!"


Great job kattoda and we're glad that the missing song from the Post Traumatic music video series finally has a video!



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