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Linkin Park Official Store - shipment to Europe


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Hello all,


When there was a stream of Projekt Revolution 2002 with various bundles on linkinpark.com store, I bought myself the biggest one for Christmas. It was said that the shipment will start early December. On the 18th of November, I got the notification on my e-mail that my order is being shipped with a DHL tracking number. It was going nicely on the DHL tracking site until the 22nd of November. From this day, it is stuck on "PROCESSED AT EXPORT FACILITY" (in the USA) and nothing seems to happen. I had been waiting for around four weeks and two days ago I contacted linkinpark.com support. They told me that once the item leaves the USA, the DHL tracking site doesn't show the real status of the shipment. It was also said in the e-mail that I may pay some additional fees once it reaches Europe (?) but it seems improbable since I paid a lot for the international shipment already. I live in Poland and when I put the tracking number on the Polish website of DHL, it shows me the same information as on the American one. 

Did you have a similar experience when you ordered something from Linkin Park official store to Europe? Maybe someone had a shipment to Poland like me? Is it normal that the status is the same for so long? Will I really have to pay some additional money? I am afraid that my shipment is lost somehow or I'll need to bother with some additional actions.

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The problem is partially solved, at least for now. I found another tracking number on the American DHL tracking website and it was a code that I could put on the tracking website for my local post office. It worked and it turned out that the American DHL tracking website really didn't update the status of the shipment. It's strange that it stopped tracking, I don't know why. The local tracking site showed me that the package reached Poland on the 8th of December and it's in transit to the destination. It's believable so I am just waiting for now. I hope it'll be with me soon.


Please, don't delete this thread because it may be useful if the shippment doesn't go according to my expectations once again. Thanks for your reply, hahninator!  

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